How To Give Your Glass Pumpkin A New Look

  I remember a few years ago I wanted a glass pumpkin at home to put candy in during the fall season.  I just thought it would look so cool.  I never got one because money was tight and they were sort of expensive.  At the time, it was definitely a luxury item. Now, I have […]

Glass-Pumpkin - - Add some class and interest to those glass pumpkins and add some pieces to your fall home decor.

Modern-Bench - - I sewed my way to the most fun modern bench ever!

Sewing Your Way To The Most Fun Bench Ever  

Hi!  I am participating in the September Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest again this month.  I am telling you, this contest really challenges me and this one was a tough one.  But keep on reading because this modern bench turned out pretty good! The sponsor for this month was Spoonflower.  They have all sorts of awesome […]

A Special Halloween Card Gift  

This is a fun post.  Not only do I get to create a nice, crafty Halloween Card but I get to introduce you to one of my bestest bloggy friends.  Her name is Michelle James.  That’s right…the same as mine.   So welcome to our new twice per month series called Michelle James (squared) Craft […]

Halloween Card Gift - - I love this fun design and it truly makes this Halloween Card into a gift.

How-To-Make-Old-Lampshades-New-With-Burlap - - Covering your old lampshades makes them look new again. All you need is some burlap

How to Make Old Lampshades New With Burlap

My husband tells me I have a lamp fetish.  Ever since I created this little farmhouse lamp I have been on sort of a lamp roll!  Today I am showing you how to make old lampshades new with burlap!     Make Old Lampshades New With Burlap I am always purchasing lamps at garage sales […]

Old Fashioned Milk Paint: For The Pieces You Love!  

HI!  I have another great Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. post for you guys today.  I am so in love with this color and how this piece turned out.  The Old Fashioned Mild Paint Co is sponsoring this post and I received this beautiful paint in exchange for this post.  All opinions are 100% my […]

Milk-Paint - - I love this piece even more now that it has this beautiful Buttermilk Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

Farmhouse-Decor - - Learn how to find items at the thrift store to make into beautiful farmhouse decor you will love!

How To Make Farmhouse Decor You Will Love

You all know I have been trying to incorporate the farmhouse look into my home.  This post will show you how to make some farmhouse decor that you will love from things you can find at the thrift store.     Farmhouse Decor Peggy and I were browsing the thrift store and she come across […]

How To Transform Foam Pumpkins Into Pretty Fall Decor

Hi!  I was looking for some faux pumpkins the other day and was shocked at the prices of the nice, off white one.  It was almost $30 and it was not very big.  It stood about 8 inches tall.  Anyway, the ugly ones seem to be a lot cheaper but….they are ugly.  Well, I am […]

How-To-Transform-Foam-Pumpkins-Into-Pretty-Fall-Decor - - I used paint to transform some hideous, bright orange pumpkins into pretty fall decor.

Fall Decor For Your Home - - I have created a list of some of my favorite fall decor products that I have found on Amazon. Take a look!

Fall Decor For Your Home on Amazon

Do you love decorating for fall?  I am not so good at adding to my collection each year so my fall decor is sparse to say the least.  At my house DIY seasonal items are a big thing each year but this year I think I will purchase some as well so I can get […]

How To Create Your Own Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are very popular but have you ever tried finding one to fit a particular space?  It is hard to find just the right size.  Sometimes I look and look and can’t find the right size.  It is very frustrating.  So, I decided to make my own. I needed this one for my Craft […]

How To Create Your Own Wire Baskets - - It seems I can never find the right sized wire basket for my space. This tutorial will teach you how to create your own

Craft Organizer - - I found a bunch of the old 80's cassette, cd and vhs holders and gave them a cohesive look to create this awesome craft organizer!

A Craft Organizer That Will Blow Your Mind

Hi! This project took me a while to complete.  Whew.  I am glad it is done and I love the way it turned out! This is my entry for the August Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest.  This month’s contest was sponsored by D. Lawless Hardware and the theme was “Class It Up”. They sponsored the contest […]

A Pretty Scale for The Farmhouse Look You Crave

This is one of those projects that you see and love on Pinterest every day.  I am adding to my farmhouse decor all of the time and it didn’t dawn on my until recently that I had a pretty scale in my garage this entire time.  Crazy right?  So here is what I did to […]

A Pretty Scale For Your Farmhouse Look - - All it took was a little a paint to take this scale from a boring gray piece to an amazing yellow show stopper

Farmhouse Decor For Every Room In The House - - Amazon is a sea of products and you will find the most charming farmhouse decor for every room in the house. These are some of my favorites

Farmhouse Decor For Every Room In The House

These days farmhouse decor has been so popular and you can find it many, many places but I want to show you some of my favorites available on Amazon for every room in the house. I have included affiliate links for you convenience.  You can read my full disclosure here. So, in this post I […]

I Pad Holder from Blah and Bleek to Farmhouse Chic

A few months ago I spotted this great little thing at the flea market.  It immediately looked like an Ipad holder to me but I think it was supposed to be a footstool.  Anyway, I got it for $5 and I think it was totally worth it.     IPad Holder Supplies list: I am […]

IPad Holder - - I created this farmhouse ipad -tablet holder from a footstool I purchased at a flea market. I love it in the kitchen when I am working on a recipe!

Cute Farmhouse Stool - - All I used was paint to transform this cute little farmhouse stool into the perfect home decor!

Cute Farmhouse Stool Makes a Crazy Big Statement

I am in love with this cute farmhouse stool.  This was another project brought to me by my neighbor.  She always finds the best things at garage sales and this was no exception.  She said it was .75 cents.     Cute Farmhouse Stool It was just a wooden stool before, no paint at all. […]