Creating a Colorful Fence

Hi!  You guys know I love flowers but am not much of a gardener.  My yard is starting to look pretty good.  Every year I add some flowers to the buckets I have hanging on the fence.  I am going to show you the beginners guide to creating a colorful fence!     Creating a […]

Creating a Colorful Fence - The Beginner's Guide -

Create a Gift In a Jar - - This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a little stress in their lives. It is an instant pick-me-up. Show them how much you care!

Create a Gift In a Jar

Hi everyone!  I am excited to show you this awesome gift idea..a gift in a jar and to give you a free printable to go with it.  Are you ready?     Create a Gift In a Jar Two of my very best friends have been spending tons of their time taking care of their […]

How To Give Your Furniture A Beachy Look

I am excited again this month to participate in the June Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest.  Each month we have an opportunity to join in and each month there is a different sponsor and theme.  For June our sponsor is Saltwash and with this product I am going to show you how to give your furniture […]

How to Give Your Furniture a Beachy Look - - In this post I am using an amazing product that will help you achieve the chippy, beachy look each and every time!

Patriotic Mason Jar Decor - - We wanted something festive, cheerful and patriotic for our office decor. These mason jars were the perfect fit.

Patriotic Mason Jar Decor  

Well, if you can believe it it is almost the 4th of July.  Wow!  The summer season is so short in Northwest Iowa that I find myself getting sad already.  Then I say…self…snap out of it and enjoy the moment!  So, my friend and co-worker, Maureen and I created some patriotic mason jar decor for the […]

Painted Wooden Hangers

You all know I love a good garage sale.  My neighbor Mary and I went to the city wide sales together this year.  She picked up some wooden hangers from the “free” box and I told her these should be painted wooden hangers! She loved my idea but she just doesn’t have time so she […]

Painted Wooden Hangers - - Wooden hangers are great for so many things. See how these turned out for drying or displaying fresh herbs and flowers.

Wooden Garden Gate Sign - - I created this wooden sign using scrap wood, my Silhouette machine and some paint! It adds a bit of "me" to my outdoor space.

Wooden Garden Gate Sign

I created this pretty outdoor space but I knew I wanted something humorous in the space because that is just me!  So I created this wooden garden gate sign.  What do you think?     Wooden Garden Gate Sign This is a tutorial I wrote for Life With Lorelai, a blog a contribute to twice per […]

Creating Pretty Outdoor Spaces  

Hi!  If you know me at all I am not an “outdoorsy” person but I do like creating pretty outdoor spaces to enjoy while being outdoors or to see when I arrive home after work.  It just makes me smile!     Creating Pretty Outdoor Spaces When we moved into our house 20 years ago […]

Creating Pretty Outdoor Spaces - - I love to see flowers and pretty outdoor spaces when I look around my house. This is how I create them!

Coordinates Sign - - Mark your spot in the world. My friend had me make a sign marking their neighbors house as a going away gift when they moved!

Coordinates Sign – Mark Your Spot!  

Hi!  I just wanted to create a short post to show you this fun coordinates sign I made for a friend.  I love the idea and I think I will need to make one for myself.     Coordinates Sign I just think this is the coolest idea ever.  One of my friend’s neighbors is […]

How To Create Shutter Sconces

Hi!  Okay so these sconces are not technically on the headboard but they could be if you wanted them that way.  Today I am showing you how to create sconces for a headboard! I was given the paint used on the sconces as part of the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest from Country Chic Paint but […]

DIY Shutter Sconces - - I created my own sconces from plumbing and electrical parts. They are perfect in the shutters...on the wall!

DIY Shutter Headboard - - See how I created a headboard and bedside table sconces by using garage sale shutters!

DIY Shutter Headboard  

Hi everyone!  I am so excited about my DIY shutter headboard project!  This was just one of those projects that came together so nicely in the end. First things first though!  Some or all of the hosts of The Fab Furniture Flippin” Contest receive monetary and/or product compensation from the sponsoring brand, Country Chic Paint […]

Napkin Holder – Retro Style

Hi!  Do you remember how the restaurants used to have a metal napkin holder on the tables?  They were metal and the housed small napkins that pulled out one by one.  They are different and more modern now. Well I found one of the old napkin holders at the Goodwill and purchased it for $2.   […]

Napkin Holder Retro Style - - I ran across this napkin holder at the Goodwill. With a little paint it was transformed into a fun conversation piece!

Farmhouse Wooden Crate - - This just needed a little paint and some distressing to give it the perfect farmhouse charm.

Farmhouse Wooden Crate

Hi!  I am sharing a project today that was just a super fun, easy thing to do and yet I think it made a huge impact.  Take a look at this farmhouse wooden crate!     Farmhouse Wooden Crate I was talking with my neighbor the other day and we love to garage sale together. […]

DIY Tiered Tray

A couple of weeks ago our local thrift store, Second Hand Thrift had “buy one get one free days”.  I could not resist these two plates.  I knew I could create a DIY tiered tray that would match my kitchen/house perfectly!     DIY Tiered Tray I have seen these made with older cake pans […]

DIY Tiered Tray - - Create your own DIY tiered tray with two plates and a candlestick!

DIY Metal Lampshade - - I created this from a piece of metal and some embroidery hoops and you can too!

How to Create a DIY Metal Lampshade

I so excited to have another lamp project.  I am not sure why but they are a lot of fun.  This one includes a DIY metal lampshade too.  BONUS!  I think I am on a lamp roll!  You can see my Farmhouse Look Lamp here! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.   If […]