Mason Jar Desk Accessories - - I used some mason jars to create fun desk accessories to perk up my boring desk!

Mason Jar Desk Accessories

I have been excited about organizing my desk at work and pondering over different containers and such that I could use.  I finally decided on Mason Jar Desk Accessories!     Mason Jar Desk Accessories If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know how much I love mason jars.  You […]

Pantry Re-Organization - - follow my journey to an organized pantry. This is phase three and I am getting there!

Pantry Re-organization Phase 3

Well I made great strides last weekend on my Pantry project.  This post is Pantry Re-Organization phase 3.  You can see phase 1 here and phase 2 here.  You can also see the recipe box I re-purposed for use in my pantry. Pantry Re-Organization Phase 3 I decided to get into the thick of things […]

Guest Room Juice Bar

I know…why would I put a Juice bar in the guest room?  Well this is a guest room juice bar charging station and it is perfect!  If you haven’t seen any of the other guest room posts you can see how I made Canvas Art, a Vanity Mirror, and the fun City Scape Dresser! I […]

Guest Room Juice Bar - - let me show you how I created a juice bar charging station for our guest room!

Organizational Boxes from Diaper Boxes - - I used contact paper, diaper boxes and some labels to create storage in my pantry.

Organizational Boxes from Diaper Boxes

I am back today with a small update to my pantry organization project.  I have created some organizational boxes from diaper boxes. I am not coming along very quickly but that is okay.  I just want it to be right and done exactly the way I want it so that I will keep it that […]

Pantry Organization Phase 1 - - This is phase 1 of my attempt to re-vamp and re-organize my pantry.

Pantry Organization Re-Vamp – Phase 1

I have been wanting to clean up and organize my pantry for a looooonnnnnng time.  So one of my goals for the new year is to start this daunting pantry organization re-vamp!  This is phase one.  I call phase 1 “coming up with a plan”. The photos below are graphic and may not be suitable […]