Holiday Decor Ho Ho Ho Pillows

These holiday decor ho ho ho pillows were found on Pinterest by my friend Peggy and we decided we had to make them too.  The original post is an Etsy shop here.  I have to say she has beautiful Holiday decor in her shop.  But I am a DIYer and I like to make my own.


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -

I got the pillows done and I LOVE the way the came out.


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -

Holiday Decor Ho Ho Ho Pillows

In this post I will give you a step by step tutorial of how I made my pillows so you can make some too.  Let’s get started:

Supplies needed:

Fabric – (A yard would be plenty) I used a drop cloth.  I picked one up from Menards a while back.  This is the second project I have used it with.  The first were my faux roman shades.  But that is another post.  It is a nice heavy weight cloth but still looks rustic enough for my taste.

Ruler or Tape Measure

Acrylic Paint or Fabric Paint – You can of course use any color you want.  If you use acrylic paint you will need a Textile Medium to add to the paint.  This essentially takes any acrylic paint and makes it into a fabric paint.

Foam Brush

Round Foam Brushes (for polka dots)


Black Sharpie Fabric Marker


Sewing Machine

Matching Thread

Step 1:  Measure and cut out your square pillow piece from your fabric.  I wanted mine to be a bit smaller so I used a 12 x 12 plus a 5/8 inch seam allowance all the way around.  An 18″ pillow is probably a more standard size.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Step 2:  Choose a font and print the letters you want to using your printer.  I used Bernard MT Condensed.  I think I have had it quite a while so I am not sure where I got it.  Any chunky type font will work well.  I printed the “h” on one sheet and the “o” on another.  You want them big enough to work well on the pillow.  I liked the look of the lowercase best.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Step 3:  Cut out the your letters.

Step 4:  Trace them using the pencil onto your fabric.

I wanted the “h” to be taller so I cut the top part off and extended it up to the height I liked.  I followed the line down to meet up with the bottom part of the “h”.  I just eye-balled this part.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


This is what the letters looked like when I finished tracing.


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Wow!  That picture is annoying.  Sorry for the blur.

Step 5: – Painting the letters.  This is the fun part.  Pick one color of your paint and place a small amount (about the size of a quarter) onto a plastic lid or something.  I like to use the top of an ice cream container.  They are the perfect size plus you get to finish off the ice cream so you can use the lid.

Mix a little of the Textile Medium (2-3 drops) into the paint.  Carefully paint onto the traced letters using a foam brush.  Mine did not cover completely but I liked the little bits that got left out.  It looked distressed.  That is part of the rustic charm.  You don’t have to worry about covering the pencil lines completely but try to get pretty close.  I went over the lines a little bit too but I wasn’t concerned.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows - www.michellejdesigns.comHoliday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


I used these round foam brushes for dots next to the letters.  I thought they were fun and festive.


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows - www.michellejdesigns.comStep 6: – After the paint dries, outline the edges with the black sharpie fabric marker.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


I added some swirls around the polka dots just because.

Step 7: – Heat set the paint.  You always want to heat seat your paint so if you ever wash the fabric it won’t fade.  You can heat set it by using an iron.  Use  a dry iron on the hottest setting.  Place a cloth over the painted letters and hold the iron for about 20 seconds in one spot, pick up the iron and place down in another spot and hold there for another 20 seconds.  Repeat this process until you have heat set the entire area.

Another way to heat set is to place the fabric into a dryer and let it go on the cotton setting for about 15 minutes or so.

Step 8: – Sewing the edges of the pillows.  Place the front and the back right sides together then pin the two sides and top together.  When you pin at the bottom you just need one pin on each side.  These pins on the bottom will mark where you will start stitching and stop stitching to you can leave a section open for the stuffing or the pillow form.


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -

I used the 5/8 inch seam allowance.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -

After sewing you must trim the corners.  This helps to decrease the bulkiness at the corners once you turn it right side out.  Cut fairly close to the stitching but DO NOT cut through the stitching.  This would leave a hole in the corner of your beautiful holiday decor pillow and we don’t want that to happen!

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -

Step 9:  Turn the pillow right side out and press.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Step 10: – Stuff your pillow!  I re-used some old pillows a friend had given me by cutting them open and using the stuffing for these pillow.  You could also purchase some poly fiber fill stuffing or purchase a pillow form.

Once they are stuffed you need to stitch the bottom closed.  So, go ahead and pin it together.

Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Now, technically you should hand sew this part so the stitches don’t show.  But I sew like a lazy girl so I use the machine.  I make this part at the bottom so it won’t show.  Does that count?  Probably not.  You can do it whichever way you like best.

Step 11: – Stand back and admire your work because you did good!

Bench wburlap copy


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


Holiday Decor - Ho Ho Ho Pillows -


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