Shampoo Bottle Recycle – Home Decor

I love the shape of these bottles from Trader Joe’s.  They usually house my Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner but today I have created something pretty from them.  What do you think of my shampoo bottle recycle into some home decor?

Shampoo Bottle Recycle -


Shampoo Bottle Recycle – Home Decor

In case you haven’t seen these before here is what they looked like before they were transformed.

Shampoo Bottle Recycle -


It is hard to tell from the photo but there are some nice lines on the bottle.  You will see them after the transformation.

I wanted to be able to create a distressed look and with the white, sort of transparent bottle I knew it wouldn’t show up very good unless I first used a darker color.  So the first coat of paint was a brown spray paint that adheres and bonds to plastic.  I love this paint!

Then I sprayed a couple of layers of the green and yellow paint on top of the the brown.  When I distressed the “vase” the brown shown through like a beacon.  Just as I wanted it to.

Shampoo Bottle Recycle -

The top of the bottle really gives it away as being a shampoo bottle so I knew I had to do something with that part of it. I first tried washi tape and it looked like the top part of a bottle with washi tape on it.  So, that was a fail.  Next I tried the ribbon.  The burlap ribbon was just the right width for the top and hid the grooves for the lid.  Then I needed to add some embellishments to the vase itself.   I found these flowers to try from my scrapbook stash and I think they are perfect..

I wanted a little chalkboard tag so I made two chalkboard look-a-likes.  I also made these tags a free printable for you so go ahead and decorate your shampoo bottles or whatever else may need a little tag.

Download Chalkboard Tags here

I think they turn out sweet and they even looked pretty good on my desk shelf.
Shampoo Bottle Recycle -

Shampoo Bottle Recycle -

Sweet Close Up copy

Shampoo Bottle Recycle -

There you have it!  I hope you like it.  I thought they were pretty fun to make and look pretty good as vases.  It is a fun recycle project.  You should try a shampoo bottle recycle as well.

Thanks so much for being here.

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