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How to Create a Wooden Star

This fun, easy wooden star is a great DIY wood project for the holidays. You could even upcycle some scrap pieces of wood for this one.

Have you ever made a wooden star? I decided to make a DIY wooden star in a rustic, farmhouse design.

Just because it has a farmhouse feel doesn’t mean it has to be a farmhouse style house. I think it would look nice during the holidays in any home.

Wood touches are always great as holiday decor. In fact, we have a DIY Wood Christmas Tree. It is pet friendly and we love it’s simplicity. Just like this wooden Christmas star.

Finished wooden star made from stained lath pieces

How to Create a Wooden Star

Materials Needed

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I don’t have pics for all of the stages because they are so easy and you just won’t need them.

Step 1: Cut the 5 lath pieces to length

First I made sure my wood pieces were all of the same length.  We had pieces that were 18″ long so I found five of them.

If you don’t have scraps, you can purchase a bundle of lath and cut your pieces down with a saw.

Step 2: Stain the wood

Then I stained them using a dark walnut stain.  I did not wipe off any of the stain.  I brushed it on and let it sit overnight to dry.

I love the walnut stain. It is a little darker and that appeals to me. You can, of course, use any color you like.

If you don’t have stain but you have some dark brown acrylic paint.

Add some water to the paint and create a “wash” that acts and looks a lot like a stain.

Let the pieces dry completely.

Step 3: Sand the pieces

After the pieces were dry I used a sanding block and sanded each one.  This helps to smooth out the boards but also to take away any shine left over from the stain.

Step 4: Assemble the wooden Christmas star

I laid out the pieces the way I wanted them.  I have numbered them in the photo below so you can see the order.  

Wooden star with numbered pieces showing what order to lay the wood pieces.

After I placed each piece and glued it, I carefully turned it over and used several staples in the back.

It’s not the prettiest but it stayed together.  

Again, you will want to let it dry a while.  I had done this part in the evening so I let it sit until the next day.

Back of wooden star showing the staples to hold it together.

Step 5: Add the ribbon and greenery

I cut some evergreen sprigs from my parent’s small tree to hang with a red ribbon but there are some really pretty artificial evergreen sprigs that can be purchased.

A close up pic of the top of the diy wood star to show the greenery.

Mine leans against the wall but you could add a hanger to the back if you wanted to.  It looks great and I am so glad I made it. I think it would be fun to make several wooden stars to cluster together in a group.

What do you think of my DIY wooden star?

Finished wooden star with ornaments and trees around it.

Cute wooden star displayed in my living room .

I painted the glass trees to look like mercury glass just like I did with these bottles.  I love them with the rustic star.

Faux mirror glass trees in front of the wooden star

How To Create a Wooden Star - - learn how to make a rustic, wooden Christmas star for your Holiday decor

Thanks so much for stopping by!

See you next time,



Thursday 19th of December 2019

Love your star!! Thank you for sharing. :O). How did you attach the sprigs of evergreen? Thank you.


Friday 20th of December 2019

Hi. Well I thought I just tied them on with the ribbon and I still am pretty sure that is what I did but it doesn't look like it in the picture. LOL! I may have added just a tiny bit of hot glue to get them to stay through the season. I am so glad you like it.

Wendi @ H2OBungalow

Friday 18th of December 2015

This a so smart! I love it! Pinning to add to my Christmas board for next year. I'd love to make a set with different sizes. Super project!


Friday 18th of December 2015

Thanks Wendi! It was so easy and I love the result. Different sizes is a great idea. I may have to head out to the garage and make a couple more. It would be fun to have a grouping of stars. Thanks for stopping by.

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