How to Give Painted Metal A Distressed Look

This metal shelf was a garage sale find.  It had a raised design which is perfect for distressing a painted finish.

This was the before pic!

I love to use a paint sprayer for a smooth finish.  My favorite is the FinishMax from HomeRight

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6 Tips For Using a Paint Sprayer

01 Thin Your Paint

02 Practice on a Scrap Piece First

03 Apply Light Layers to Avoid Drips

04 If it Clogs, Clean the Nozzle.

05 Spray Even Coats

06 Clean Well When Finished

The Sanding Method

Use sand paper or a sanding block to sand the raised areas of the painted surface.  This removes the paint and creates a distressed look.

Two Distressing Methods

Give it a finish clear coat to seal it and you are done!