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Custom Wall Decor With Removable Vinyl

Make your own custom wall decor using StyleTechCraft vinyl. You can create your own gallery wall with photos of kids and grandchildren.

Ever since my grand babies were born I have a tremendous amount of pictures on my phone and computer.

I need to find ways to print some photos and display them as part of my home decor. But…I also love to change them out and keep them current.

A little display area or small gallery wall in our room was what I decided to do so I could look at them all of the time.

If you like the frame designs you will want to download the free design. Just add your name and email in the box below and you will get the access code to the Resource Gallery!

Finished wall decor gallery wall using colorful removable vinyl

Custom Wall Decor

You don’t need a ton of supplies for this project but you do want to use the removable vinyl. Just in case you want to take it down later.

If you have been here before you know I am on the design team for StyleTechCraft vinyl. The removable vinyl that I used from them for this project was a dream.

It cuts so nicely and weeds easily. And that is exactly what I want when I am making anything with vinyl.

Materials Needed:

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Step 1: Upload the svg file to Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space screenshot

Click browse and find your SVG file.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot

Click upload and that is it. (this is not the svg file we are using but the steps are the same)

Screen shot for slicing a frame.

Step 2: Resize your design

You will need to resize your frames to be the size you want for your photos. My original idea was to use frames but I decided I wanted an easier way to change out the photos.

This is when I decided to use the clothes pins instead of the frames.

I also loved the idea of having one frame that can house two photos. So I needed to make one of the frames a larger size.

First click on the design. If all of the frames are selected then choose the “ungroup” on the right side at the top of the screen.

Then they will all be separate and you can resize each one. I liked the smaller frames to be the same so I make them about 5 x 7 so that a 4 x 6 pic would have plenty of room.

The larger frame ended up being larger than my 12 x 12 piece of vinyl and the mat. So what do you do now?

We have to slice…of course. LOL!

Step 3: Slicing in Cricut Design Space

What does slice mean? Well, when your design is bigger than your sheet of vinyl, the slice feature will cut it into two smaller designs so you can cut each section on a different mat.

Here is how you can slice a design to make it work.

You need to grab two layers from the layers palette in order for the slice feature to work. So….

First, open the shapes tool and and choose the square.

Screen shot for slicing a frame.

Use the square to cover a portion of the frame.

Screen shot for slicing a frame.

Then you can duplicate the square or grab a new square. Place it right next to the first square to cover the last part of the frame.

Screen shot for slicing a frame.

Now, select the first square and in the layers palette choose the frame. Since you have these two layers selected you can click on “slice” at the bottom of the layers palette.

This will cut your original frame.

Repeat this step for the second square and the frame.

Then you can delete the extra layers.

Then you are left with your two pieces and can cut it on separate mats.

Screen shot for slicing a frame.

Step 4: Adding your colors

This is an optional step but sometimes it is easier to see the different colors you want and have the separate on different mats for color.

This is how mine looked after changing the colors.

I also used the text tool to add the names of my grand kids.

Harper will go across and Asher will be vertical and they will share the E. Like a scrabble type of thing. You can see how it turned out below.

Cricut design space screenshot of the colored frames

Step 5: Cut and weed the design

My design was on six different mats and used five colors of the removable vinyl.

Here it is all laid out on my table after weeding and adding the transfer paper.

Now all I had to do was get it up onto the wall.

Cut and weeded vinyl frames with transfer paper

Step 6: Apply the vinyl to the wall

This is the fun…and the hard part. LOL! I am not used to larger designs let alone putting them on a wall. So…the first two frames were a tiny bit of a struggle but I got them done.

Here is the blue frame after it was applied to the small wall space in our room. The walls are a really, really light blue. It is hard to see in this light.

The first blue frame added to the wall

Then I wanted to get the names added. This would have been a great place to use a yard stick or something to get the names straight on the wall.

Adding the names to the wall decor

The rest of the frames and the hearts were applied until I had this design.

Finished wall decor gallery wall using colorful removable vinyl

Step 7: Add the photos

As I mentioned before I have a lot of pictures of my grand kids. I got on the printer and printed off five photos to add to the custom wall decor or gallery wall.

Before I could hang them I spray painted five clothes pins and used small pieces of the blue tack to hang them on the wall.

Blue tac with black clothespins

Now I was ready to put it all together.

Finished wall decor gallery wall using colorful removable vinyl

It is just a small space of wall but I can see creating a larger gallery wall in a hallway or up a staircase that would be so fun.

Finished wall decor gallery wall using colorful removable vinyl

Here are some close ups of the different frames and names.

Close up picture of the yellow frame with a photo hanging on a black clothespin.

Close up of finished wall with the orange and green vinyl frames and photos

Close up of finished wall showing the green and yellow vinyl frames

Close up of finished gallery wall showing the blue and yellow vinyl frames

I think it came my custom wall decor came out really cute and I am happy with the overall look. What do you think?

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Finished wall decor gallery wall using colorful removable vinyl
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