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Grinch Crafts and Decor Ideas

This is my where I have added all of the links to the different Grinch crafts and decor ideas all in one place.

I have created many Grinch crafts over the past few years and add more each Holiday season. I love the Grinch and hope that you will be inspired by these crafts, decor and gift ideas.

A few years ago I decided to switch all of my Christmas Decor to be a Grinch theme. We needed a stocking hanger (we don’t have a fireplace) so that was the first thing I decided to make. It was so fun and so cute that I kept on going with Grinch ideas.

Grinch crafts pin image
  • Grinch Mason Jar Gift – How fun is it to give a mason jar themed gift full of fun stuff? I love it and I have always found the receiver to love it as much as I do. This Grinch theme was perfect for holiday gift giving.
  • Grinch Activity Pack – this activity pack is for the entire family and includes coloring pages, dot-to-dot, word games, trivia a scavenger hunt and even a popcorn box for watching the movie or reading the book!
  • Grinch Inspired Stocking Hanger – This was my first Grinch project and I haven’t stopped yet!
  • Grinch Inspired Gifts – I used a Glass Sharpie marker to draw the Grinch face on these green stemless wine glasses and a Dollar Store vase.
  • Grinch Inspired Word Search Game – This is a popular free printable on my site each holiday season.
  • Grinch Holiday Table Setting – This was the most fun table setting I have ever had at my house. I just loved the bright colors and festive feel.
  • Grinch New Year’s Resolutions Sign – A light and funny piece of decor that reveals the Ginch’s New Year’s resolutions.
  • Grinch Countdown to Christmas – Counting down to the day the Grinch steals Christmas! This fun countdown to Christmas day is different and fun.
  • Grinch Yard Art – I love the Grinch design of him stealing the lights. I created a smaller version of this for my small back porch.
  • DIY Wood Christmas Tree – I recently changed this tree to include the famous Grinch saying “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.” Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” I am constantly changing and improving this tree but we love the pet friendly design.
  • Grinch Christmas Eve Tray – I love this as something different than the regular cookies for Santa trays. And it is perfect if you have a Grinch themed Christmas.

I love all of these projects and I get them out each year. It is fun to decorate when you love the Grinch!

If you like to give Grinch gifts then check out my Grinch Lovers Gift Guide!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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