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Grinch Lovers Gift Guide

How many of you have Grinch lovers on your gift list? I am a Grinch lover. This gift guide is for all of the Grinch lovers out there. Or, it will help you figure out the the perfect gift for all of them on your list!

I have put together a list of 25 amazing Grinch gifts for you today.

All of these are affiliate links from Amazon. You can read my full disclosure here.

There are many different types of gifts on the list from apparel, home decor, party supplies, glassware and more! I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

If you like to make your own Grinch crafts and decor then you have come to the right place!

Pictures of some of the different Grinch products on the gift guide list.

Grinch Lovers Gift Guide

Let’s get started. I am going to put these in sections starting with apparel then moving into the home decor, party supplies and drinkware!

You may click on the photo or the description to get the details for each product.

1. Grinch Cotton Socks – pack of 3

These are super cute and are for men or women. These could be separated and put in a stocking or just given the way they are.

3 pair of Grinch socks

2. Maybe Christmas T-shirt

The famous Grinch quote “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store”. Maybe Christmas”…perhaps “means a little bit more!” on a t-shirt along side the Grinch himself. I love this.

Grinch T-shirt with Maybe Christmas famous quote

3. Drink Up Grinches T-Shirt

I see this on a lot of items but I love it on the t-shirt. It is so fun and if you have a wine and Grinch lover on your list this is PERFECT!

Drink up Grinches T-shirt

4. My Day T-Shirt

This one cracks me up. I love how he is all booked up! But I love the reglan style too. It is festive and cute to wear all season long.

Cute "my day" Grinch t-shirt

5. Be A Cindy Lou Who T-Shirt

Another fun saying that I love. In a world of Grinches, be a Cindy Lou Who. Isn’t just perfect for the times. We need people to be kind and this sums it up nicely. This one comes with the buffalo check in red or green or solid red or green sleeves.

In a world of Grinches be a Cindy Lou Who T-Shirt from Amazon.

6. Grinch Winter Hat

The perfect Grinch green with the perfect Grinch face. I think this is so darn cute if you live in a cold climate. Plus whoever wears it would stand out in a crowd!

Green Grinch winter cap with pom pom

7. 100% That Grinch Door Mat

I think this would be a fun Grinch craft project but sometimes we don’t always have time to create! Maybe it would deter some unwanted solicitors.

100% That Grinch door mat

8. Striped Grinch Throw Pillow

I would love to have this on my couch or chair each Holiday season. It is a great home decor gift for any Grinch lover.

Striped Grinch face throw pillow

9. Be a Cindy Lou Who Hand Towel

This, to me, looks like it could be a bath towel or a kitchen towel but both would be super cute. We use hand towels like crazy and to have a Grinch themed towel would be a dream!

In a world of Grinches be a Cindy Lou Who dish/bath towel

10. Dept 56 Grinch and Max

I think these would be fun within a Whoville village. I really want to convert my old village pieces and give them a Whoville look. The Grinch and Max would fit in perfectly! Or add them in a fun snow globe.

Dept 56 figurine of the Grinch tying the reindeer horn onto Max's head.

11. Merry Grinchmas Gnomes

These guys are just too cute! Gnomes are a big thing right now. I would nab these quickly for the Grinch/Gnome people that you need to buy for!

Merry Grinchmas gnomes - 2 piece set.

12. Dept 56 Grinch Stealing Tree

This ornament is so fun. The Grinch just looks so pleased with himself. If I had a traditional tree this would be hanging front and center.

Dept 56 ornament of the Grinch stealing a Christmas tree.

13. Grinch Garden Flag

I know this is from the newer version of the Grinch as some of the other items are too but it doesn’t make it any less cute. I prefer the original Grinch but this newer version has so many cute products available that they cannot be dismissed! Check out this garden flag.

Tis the season to be Grinchy - garden flag!  So fun.

14. Grinch Throw Pillows Set of 4

If you love the garden flag then you will probably love this set of 4 throw pillows. They are so cheerful and Grinchmasy. I love them.

Set of 4 Grinch throw pillows for your home.

15. Grinch Yard Art

I made a smaller version of this Grinch stealing Christmas yard art last year. This huge version would be so fun. And it includes Max and Cindy Lou Who

Yard art with the Grinch stealing Christmas, Max and Cindy Lou Who

16. Dept 56 Grinch, Max, Cindy Lou and Book

This ornament even includes the book. I love that. The Dept 56 brand has always been good quality and they are perfect for a Grinch themed tree.

Dept 56 ornament with the book, the Grinch, Max and Cindy Lou Who

17. Naughty & Nice Paper Plates

These would be great if you are hosting a Grinch party but also for your Grinch loving friend who loves to have a Grinch themed Christmas dinner! (that’s me!)

Grinch and Max naughty and nice paper dessert plates

18. Red and Green Holiday Straws

These are specific to the Grinch but if you are giving some party supplies or hosting a Grinch party they are the perfect colors.

Holiday red and green paper straws with stripes and polka dots

19. Merry Grinchmas Banner

I love this for a party but I think it would be perfect as a Grinch themed Christmas tree or mantel garland as well.

Merry Grinchmas party banner

20. Grinch Wine Bottle Covers

I would not hesitate to give these as gifts as is or giving the Grinch lover on your list a nice bottle of wine wrapped in one of these cute wine bottle covers.

Set of 3 Grinch wine bottle covers.

21. Dept 56 Resting Grinch Face Mug

Any mug with the Grinch is a great mug but this is one super cute. If you click the link and check out the details you will see the other side of the mug! I love it.

Dept 56 Resting Grinch Face mug

22. Grinch Quote Tumbler

I would carry this tumbler around all holiday season for my water. Wouldn’t you? It would be a fun gift too. Add something fun like candy or whatever inside and use this as packaging.

Famous quote from Grinch Tumbler.  Maybe Christmas...

23. Grinch Loathe Entirely Mug

I love this mug for my husband. He seems to loathe just about everything entirely. LOL! The perfect gift for the real Grinch in the family!

Loathe Entirely Grinch mug

24. Original Dr. Seuss Book

A Grinch lovers gift guide would not be complete without the original classic Dr. Seuss Book How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas Book

25. 2020 Stink Stank Stunk

This ornament sums up 2020 perfectly! The Grinch is holding a mask and Stink, Stank, Stunk are great words for this strange year. It is a great memory of the year that we can only hope will be a memory soon!

Stink, Stank, Stunk ornament with the Grinch hand stealing a mask

There you have it! 25 awesome Grinch lover gifts. Anyone of these gifts would be perfect for a Merry Grinchmas!

Happy Christmas,


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