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Weekly and Monthly Planners

I have created some new planners for 2020.  You will notice two of the same cover photos but the insides are not quite the same.  The first of the two photos is a planner that includes a vision board, habit tracker and brain dump pages for each month along with the monthly calendar, weekly planning pages and dot grid pages at the end of each month.

The second of each photo is a weekly and monthly planner that also includes a monthly budget sheet and weekly meal planning sheets along with the monthly calendars and the weekly planning sheets.

These planners will be your best friend plus keep you organized the entire year.  They are a great size at  7.44 x 9.69.  Not too big, still easy to carry around and not too small with enough space to still write.

Click on the Planner Post link below if you would like to see some samples of some of the above pages.

Planner Post

When you click on a planner photo you will be taken to the listing on Amazon for all of the details.  You can even see what the inside looks like.






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