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5 Ways to Use Paint Chips

My friend and I were trying to come up with a fun craft to do at a meeting and I was scouring Pinterest for some Easter Craft Ideas.  One that we liked were bunnies cut out of paint chips.  The whole thing is another blog post so I won’t get into it but when I got home I thought….hmmm….I wonder what other paint chip projects are out there.  So I did another Pinterest search and wowzas.  This is an entire world I had been missing out on.  Sure, I had done a couple of paint chips cards in the past but nothing that even compares to these things.

5 Ways to Use Paint Chips -


5 Ways to Use Paint Chips

1.  Make some flowers to create a wreath

5 Ways to Use Paint Chips


Pinterest via AliLilly .com

AliLilly cut/punched dozens of hears to create flowers then placed them on a cardboard circle to form a wreath.  So cute.

2. Punch holes and add some binding to create mini notebooks.

5 Ways to Use Paint Chips


Pinterest via Lollipoop Designs from Etsy

I am a sucker for office products and I love, love, love to make little notebooks and other mini stuff.  These would be a good size to carry in your bag and jot down a note now and then.   I wanted to link back to the original pin and I believe that is Lollipoop Desgin’s Etsy shop but it looks like this was a pretty old listing and I am not sure she is still open.  But, she had the idea and still deserves the credit.

3. Wall Art

5 Ways to Use Paint Chips


Pinterest via Ron and Noy Etsy Shop

Now I am not sure the original piece from Etsy is paint chips but this sure is AMAZING and certainly could be done with paint chips.  I love this but don’t think I would have thought of it on my own.  Simply gorgeous!

4. Easter Egg Decor

5 Ways to Use Paint Chips

Pinterest via A Little Something In The Meantime

I think what drew me in about these adorable eggs are the colors.  These are what I am trying to incorporate into my kitchen and office spaces.  So, I love that there are quite a few and they are displayed in this beautiful bow.  Perfection.

5. Mini Smash Book

5 Ways to Use Paint Chips

Pinterest via Diving for Pearls

This is another one of those really cute projects.  Don’t you love anything mini?  I do.  Anyway, using paint chips as pages then adding all sorts of fun pictures, doo dads, embellies and fun you can create something really memorable.  I love it!

I am really getting inspired by all of the paint chip projects and ideas on Pinterest.  You will get to see our Easter paint chip project really soon but I think I will keep this going and add some of my own ideas onto Pinterest.  (After I show you of course.)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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