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Creating a Countdown To Christmas Sign

Hello! I am excited to be writing this post today. I am in love with this entire project. It will actually be a series of posts starting with today, continuing on Friday and then into next week as well. How fun is that? So what is this post you ask? It is creating a countdown to Christmas sign.

It turned out super cute. Today will are working on the Countdown and the Rae Dunn inspired Christmas mugs and Friday I will be showing you how to create the tray for the hot cocoa bar.

This post is sponsored by StyleTechCraft – my favorite vinyl company. They have been super nice to provide all of the vinyl for this project.

I am using mostly Luster Vinyl but I did sneak in some glossy vinyl as well.

The mugs are from the Dollar Tree. You can’t beat $1 each when you are making something like this.

If you love some Dollar Tree crafts and gift ideas you have come to the right blog. I love and use Dollar Tree items all of the time in my crafting.

Super cute Cup Of Cheer Countdown to Christmas Sign

You can get the cut file for this countdown to Christmas sign by adding your name and email to the opt-in box below. This will add you to my email list. I usually send one email per week.

If you are already on the list but still want the freebie go ahead and enter your name and email. You won’t get added a second time but the freebie will be sent to you! Win win!

Creating A Countdown To Christmas Sign

There are not too many steps to this but there is some cutting to be done so go ahead and get your Cricut or Silhouette ready!

Step 1: Paint your board

We have all sorts of scraps and things in our garage. I found this 8.5×11 board and it was perfect because I could add a frame to the edges.

I used the DecoArt Black Chalk paint to give it it’s first coat.

Unpainted board for the sign.  8.5x11
Painting the wood board with black chalk paint.- first coat

Then I painted two coats of Rust-oleum Linen White chalk paint. This step was apparently not filmed (operator error I am sure) but you know what it is like to paint.

Then I added one coat of Mod Podge to seal it all down.

Step 2: Opt-In and download the freebie

This cut file for the countdown to Christmas sign is only available through the opt-in shown above. If you want to enter your name and email address to get it go ahead and do so now. You will receive the download in an email.

If you decided you don’t want to be on my email list at a later date you can unsubscribe at any time.

The designs for the mug can be found in my Etsy shop but when you opt in for the freebie you will get a special offer to get it at 50% off! This is a great deal.

If you miss it you can find it in my shop by clicking the link below:

Hot Cocoa Bar Tray & Mug Cut Files and Tag printable

Step 3: Upload into Design(s) Space and cut the images

When you upload the Countdown sign into design space you will need to un group and re-group a couple of things.

Screenshot of Cricut Design Space and the countdown to Christmas svg cut file.

The photo above on the right side shows the “another cup of cheer,” and the “only days until” as grouped together and attached. So click on each one in the group and click on “group” at the top right side. Then click on “attach” at the bottom right.

Repeat these steps for the second group.

This will keep the rows together and spaced correctly for the design to work.

After all of the colors have been cut and weeded you can add your transfer paper or transfer tape.

I used the transfer tape for this one but little bits of paint did come off with it. I am so happy it wasn’t enough to show but it did make me a little nervous.

Step 4: Layout the design on your board

I like to keep the picture of the design up on my computer while I lay it out on the board so I know I am close to the original.

Lay out all of the pieces and get them ready to apply.

Laying out the vinyl design for for sign.

Once you like the placement of your design you can start removing the transfer tape/paper and applying the vinyl to the board.

Applying the vinyl for the sign to the painted wood board.

Keep going and apply all of the vinyl except for the mug.

When you get to the mug cut the backing from the center.

Cutting the backing from the vinyl mug.

Step 5: Add the chalkboard area

I love the chalkboard vinyl. It is perfect for these little countdown to Christmas projects. You can see that I used in on my Grinch countdown as well.

If you don’t have any of the chalkboard vinyl you can use chalkboard paint. Either will do a fine job.

Without removing the backing from the mug…yet…place it down and use a pencil to trace the opening.

Tracing the placement of the chalkboard vinyl or paint on the countdown board.

Measure a little bit bigger than the opening and cut a circle from the vinyl. I used my Cricut for this but you can cut with scissors if you want.

Place the chalkboard vinyl or paint the outlined circle just past the pencil line.

Adding chalkboard vinyl for the countdown area of the sign.

Then place the mug vinyl on top of the chalkboard vinyl or the chalkboard paint after it has dried. If you are using paint you may need a couple of coats.

If you like a distressed look you can dry brush a little bit of black paint onto the sign. I did mostly on the edges/corners.

I added a Dollar Tree certificate frame at the last minute. It looks more finished and polished with the frame.

Decorating the ceramic mugs

Download and cut the designs from the Cricut or the Silhouette. I love this Rae Dunn look and it is so perfect for these Dollar Tree mugs.

Weed the text and add the transfer tape.

Remove the transfer tape and add it to the mug.

Adding the Rae Dunn inspired designs to the mugs.
The finished "cheer" mug in red luster vinyl from StyleTech Craft

Repeat this process with the other mugs.

Aren’t they cute? I love the way this all turned out.

The finished sign and mugs for the hot cocoa bar.

Materials Needed

I have added some affiliate links for your convenience. You can see my full disclosure here.

Creating A Countdown To Christmas Sign and Mugs

A cute cup of cheer countdown. Have a cup of cheer as Christmas draws near.

Make a fun Cup of Cheer countdown to Christmas sign and decorate some Dollar Tree mugs for a hot cocoa bar.




  1. Use the black chalkboard paint and give the board one coat.
  2. When completely dry apply two coats of the Linen White Chalk paint
  3. Use a sanding block to do a little distressing now or you can wait an dry brush a little black on later.
  4. Apply one coat of Mod Podge to the board to seal the paint.
  5. Download the Countdown To Christmas Sign SVG - take advantage of the special offer and save 50% on the Hot Cocoa Bar tray and mug cut files and the tag printables
  6. Upload to the Cricut or Silhouette Design space
  7. Cut the countdown to Christmas SVG and the mug SVG files. I used four of the eight mug designs for my bar.
  8. Lay out the design onto the board then apply the vinyl.
  9. Do not apply the mug - cut out the backing of the mug and trace the circle from the center of the mug onto the board with a pencil.
  10. Apply chalkboard vinyl or use chalkboard paint in this space.
  11. Stick the mug down and use a piece of chalk to write the number of days
  12. Weed and apply the mug text designs to the mugs.

What do you think?

Finished countdown to Christmas sign and mugs.

close up picture of Cheer mug and Peace mug with the countdown sign in the background

Close up of the Cup of Cheer countdown to Christmas Sign.

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