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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 3

Well here we are for part 3 of our kitchen remodel.  We left off last week with our beautiful new flooring.


Kitchen Remodel - Wood Laminate Flooring -


Because the island was going to be 10′ x 3.5′ we really need to do something about the door to the pantry.  There would not be a lot of room to open and close the door especially is someone was sitting at the new seating area.  You can see the pantry door and the island seating area in the upper right corner of the above picture.

I was in love with the sliding barn doors and they were all over Pinterest but when I checked into them the cost was outside our budget.  Just the hardware in this picture is on sale for $165.  That does not include the door.



So my brilliant husband came up with a plan.  We looked around and he decided he could use a sliding closet door kit.  Or a Bypass Closet Track Kit.

He removed the existing pantry door and removed all of the hardware.  Then he added a trim piece all the way around to cover the holes left the door knob latch.  We purchased a handle and he placed that onto a piece of wood that would cover the hole from the knob.  Doesn’t it look great? I painted the door to match the island.


Pantry Door - Kitchen Remodel -


I also painted the hardware for the closet slider with Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the sconces. He attached the track after it was painted to the piece of wood header he made.  A door stop was used so the pantry door wouldn’t fly away.  It slides like a dream.  It doesn’t have fancy barn door hardware but I love it just the same.


Pantry Door - Kitchen Remodel -


He used a small stopper on the back of the door so it would not damage the trim when it slides open.  We try not to let it slide very fast but it has the ability.


Pantry Door - Kitchen Remodel -


Then he added a piece that he made from wood for the “track” on the bottom.  We put some felt inside the “track” to keep it from scraping the door.


Pantry Door - Kitchen Remodel -


Once the pantry door was finished he moved on to the kitty feeding station.  We have four cats inside the house and I was tired of the cat bowls all over the place.  So he fixed that problem.


Lizzie at kitty station copy


This is Lizzie and she loves her new place to chow!

Now for the best part of the kitchen.  My favorite two things of all.  Are you ready?  Ok.  They are the counter top and the sink!


Quartz Counter Top - Kitchen Remodel -

Oooooh…Awwww, right?


Quartz Counter Top - Kitchen Remodel -

Aren’t they beautiful?  We chose the quartz counter top because we wanted something that was easy to maintain and would withstand the constant water on it.  This color is by LG and it is called Bourbon.  The picture below shows a small portion of the counter on the left in a closer view so you can see the design a little better.  Don’t get distracted by the sweet kitty.  Focus on the counter top.  LOL!


Quartz Counter Top - Kitchen Remodel -


This next picture is horrible but I wanted you to see how huge this brown, granite composite sink is.  You could bathe a large toddler in this thing.  It is awesome and we love it to be able to wash the largest roaster pan in it without any trouble.


Quartz Counter Top - Kitchen Remodel -


Another horrible picture but I wanted you to see the legs and the seating area.  I a so happy with it.  The counter top is so reflective it is hard to get a good photo.


Quartz Counter Top - Kitchen Remodel -


.We did paint the ceiling and the upper part of the walls.  The ceiling was just given a fresh coat of white paint.  I really like the wallpaper that looks like a tin ceiling so we left that alone.  And the walls got a coat of “Bran Muffin”.  It is a nice neutral.  We plan to add board and batten to the walls so we left the bottom part unpainted.


Quartz Counter Top - Kitchen Remodel -


So what do you think of the kitchen so far?  I would love your thoughts.

Stay tuned for part 4 next week.

Have a great day.

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