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Do You Own a Silhouette Cutting Machine?

Do you own a Silhouette Cutting Machine?  I don’t but I really think I want one and here is why!



This picture is from Amazon.  It is the Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle

This thing does about everything.  It cuts paper (obviously), it cuts vinyl for those awesome wall art projects, it cuts fabric, it even cuts leather.  But did you know that it writes for you?  And it helps with glass etching?  And engraving?  Wow!

At our scrapbooking event a couple of weeks ago one of the girls was creating her wedding invitations.  She was using her Silhouette to write a beautiful script on each envelope before she folded it and put it together.  It was amazing!

If you are skeptical and you don’t believe me then here is a blog I found called Silhouette School.  Check it out and read some of her awesome tutorials and see for yourself what this wonderful machine can do.

You can follow her on facebook too.  Here is the link to her page!

If you are a card maker.  Check out Cathy Harper’s Blog Scrap Playground because she makes some wonderful cards using her Silhouette!  She is so creative.

So if you have a machine check out all of the things you might not be utilizing.  And if you don’t have a Silhouette then be sure to research and investigate then add it to your wish list.

Happy cutting!

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