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Summer Chore Chart

Print this super fun summer chore chart for your kids to keep on task through the summer season. Reward them with a fun sticker!

Summer is here, and with it comes endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, fun activities, and of course, a break from school routines. However, for parents, summer also means finding creative ways to keep kids engaged and responsible, especially when it comes to chores around the house. To make this easier and more enjoyable for everyone, we’ve designed a vibrant and interactive Summer Chore Chart Printable along with adorable Summer Sticker Sheets that kids will love!

Free printable summer chore chart and sticker sheet

Introducing Our Summer Chore Chart Printable

Our Summer Chore Chart Printable is not just a list of tasks; it’s a colorful, engaging way to motivate kids to pitch in and help around the house. Designed with a summer beach theme like beach balls, ice cream cones, and sunshine, each section of the chart is dedicated to different chores suitable for children of various ages. From watering plants to tidying up their rooms, these tasks are essential for teaching responsibility while allowing plenty of time for summer fun.

How It Works

Download and Print: Simply download our printable from the link provided below. Print it out on a letter-sized paper or cardstock for durability. It will print two per sheet so all you have to do is cut them in half with a paper trimmer or scissors and you have two weeks worth ready to go.

Printable Summer Chore Chart with two per sheet

Customize Your Chart: Fill in your child’s name at the top and add any chores you like in the last four spaces that you’d like them to accomplish. You can also add special tasks for extra rewards or treats!

Benefits of Using a Summer Chore Chart

Track Progress with Stickers: Each time your child completes a chore, they get to pick a sticker from our Summer Sticker Sheet and place it on their chart. With stickers featuring cute summer motifs like flip flops, popsicles, and seashells, kids will eagerly look forward to filling up their charts.

If you are a Cricut user I have shared the print and cut stickers to Design Space for others to find. You can use the link below. I have never done this before so if that doesn’t work you can search using the tags I entered – sticker, summer, beach, kids.

Click this link to get to the stickers in Design Space!

If you are not a Cricut user I was only able to save my stickers to a PDF file. So, you can print them onto sticker paper but then you have to cut them out by hand.

Or you could use a small circle punch and punch around each sticker.

If you don’t like these ideas, you can purchase your own beach stickers, star stickers or use whatever you have on hand. If you have kids…you probably have stickers. Am I right?

Printable sticker sheet with beach theme stickers
  • Teaches Responsibility: By assigning age-appropriate tasks, children learn the importance of contributing to the household.
  • Promotes Independence: Kids gain confidence as they complete tasks on their own and earn rewards.
  • Creates Positive Habits: Establishing a routine during summer helps maintain structure and discipline.
  • Celebrates Achievements: The visual progress of filling up the chart with stickers is a rewarding experience for kids.

Download Your Summer Chore Chart Printable and Sticker Sheet

To get started with our Summer Chore Chart Printable and Sticker Sheet, simply click the link below to download your free PDF files. Remember to have plenty of stickers on hand for a summer full of achievements and fun!

Summer Chore Chart PDF

Summer Chore Stickers PDF


This summer, make chores an exciting part of your child’s routine with our colorful and motivating Summer Chore Chart Printable and Sticker Sheet. Whether it’s helping out in the garden, setting the dinner table, or cleaning up toys, our printable will keep kids engaged and eager to earn their stickers. Download yours today and watch as your little ones embrace responsibility with enthusiasm and joy throughout the sunny months ahead!

Don’t forget to check out the other amazing printables in this month’s blog hop for more summer-themed fun and inspiration.

Happy chore-charting and sticker-sticking!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Free printable summer chore chart and sticker sheet
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