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Upcycled Tiered Craft Organizer


Hi there!  I am really excited about this upcycled tiered craft organizer I created for my crafting tools and I can’t wait to show you how I made it.  It is useful and I love that in a DIY project.  Plus it uses some of my favorite products including StyleTechCraft vinyl and mason jars!  Yay!  Keep reading to see how I did it.


White, teal and green craft tool organizer sitting on craft table full of my favorite tools


Upcycled Tiered Craft Organizer

This is my post for the amazing StyleTechCraft vinyl company.   Most of the vinyl I use is theirs because I love it that much.   My favorite for easy of cutting and weeding has to be the glossy vinyl which is what I used in this post.  It cuts like a dream and I never have a problem with weeding.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this has to do with the settings on your cutting machine but a great vinyl can be a life safer.  

If you would like to follow them on social media just click on the links below:

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This project is made from upcycled pans and an old lamp that no longer works.  It ended up being a little tall but it works because I can add in my tall paintbrush that I use all of the time.  Plus I am able to hang some hooks and fit in my favorite ink pads.  So, there is always an upside to what I thought was a negative.  Now, I love the height.

Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

This is a sponsored post from StyleTechCraft and I was provided the vinyl that I used.  All of the opinions are 100% my own.  I have included some affiliate links for your convenience.  You can read my full disclosure here!


Upcycled Tiered Craft Organizer

Full view of tiered craft organizer made from upcyled pans. It is full of my favorite crafting tools.

This upcylcled tiered craft organizer is perfect for all of my favorite tools that I need to grab often while crafting. I used white and green spray paint and teal vinyl to add some extra fun to the sides of the pans.

Active Time 2 hours
Additional Time 3 hours
Total Time 5 hours
Difficulty Easy




  1. Use the drill and a bit the size of the tube in the lamp to create a hole in the middle of each pan.
  2. Clean and spray the springform pans white. Mine needed two coats on both sides.
  3. Take apart the lamp and spray the pieces. These are the pretty green. Paint the drawer pull too. Each of these pieces needed two coats,
  4. Screw the lazy susan to the bottom of the lamp base then add craft foam to protect your table surface.
  5. Cut the vinyl pieces and add them to the sides of the pans.
  6. Stack the pieces to create the tiered piece. (your lamp may be different then mine so this part will vary) This took two of us to hold it and add pieces
  7. Start at the bottom with the nut and washers from the lamp and thread them onto the metal tube (rod) from the lamp.
  8. Add the base with the lazy susan
  9. Slide the larger pan on so it sits on the lamp base
  10. Next the larger decorative piece from the lamp
  11. Then the tube
  12. Add the smaller decorative piece
  13. Add the smaller pan
  14. place the small round tube fitting, then the small tube that fits it, then another tube fitting.
  15. Tighten everything really well. This was the hardest part.
  16. Last is the decorative drawer knob at the top. My tiered organizer is too heavy for this to be useful but it finishes off the look of the piece.

I am going to guide you through the steps we took to make this awesome upcycled tiered craft organizer.  BUT…because our lamp and pans may be different from ones you may find at a thrift store or garage sale please use these as a guideline for putting yours together.  The lamp parts will probably differ but I bet the assembly would be quite similar.  

Step 1:  Drill holes in the pans

Inside the lamp, holding all of the parts together is a metal rod with threading at the top and the bottom.  I am not sure but the sizes of this threaded rod may be different for each lamp.  This is what is holding my piece all together so I needed holes in the pans that this rod would fit through.  


Bottom of springform pan with a hole drilled in the center


We aren’t very good at finding the center but we did our best and it worked out perfectly.

Step 2:  Paint the pans and add the vinyl

I love this white spray paint from Rustoleum.  It is a paint and primer all in one so is great for these types of DIY craft organizer projects.  These pans needed two coats of the paint on each side. 

When they were painted and thoroughly dry I was able to add the vinyl.  While they were drying I designed the vinyl pieces in the Silhouette Studio.  

I wanted text on the bottom tray and a fun design on the top tray.  This is what I came up with.  


Silhouette design space screenshot with text vinyl sayings


The text I used is called Intruding Cat.   Here is what they looked like after they were cut out and weeded.


Teal vinyl pieces that read "these tools are made for makin'" to add to the sides of the white pans


For the top tray I used a heartbeat design I had purchased from  I needed the design to continue all the way around the pan and this only covered about a third of it.  So, I create my own designs using the original sewing design as my base.  I love Photoshop Elements so I brought it into the program, erased the sewing machine and the pin cushion and added my own designs.  I created one for painting with a paint bucket and some brushes and one with scissors and a glue bottle.  They turned out pretty cute.


Screenshot of Silhouette Design space with three crafty heartbeat designs.


And here they are cut and ready to be placed onto the craft organizer.


Picture showing the vinyl that will be added to the sides of the white pans. Heartbeats with craft supplies and hearts


When they were ready to go I added the transfer tape then applied them to the sides of the pans.


Adding teal vinyl with transfer tape to the sides of the white pans.



White painted pans with teal vinyl designs on the sides.


Step 3:  Add the lazy susan to the lamp base

When I am shopping at thrift stores and garage sales I AlWAYS buy the lazy susans I find.  We use them a lot and this is a good example.  Not only do we use the entire piece but sometimes we take them apart and use the parts so that other things can spin around.  

This time we added the parts to the bottom of the lamp base so that this craft tool organization tray could spin around.  I love it too.  


Photo of the lamp base upside down with the lazy susan mechanism screwed on.


Then add some craft foam so that it won’t scratch your surface.  


Lazy susan on the bottom of the lamp base with craft foam adhered to it so it won't scratch surfaces.


We did have to place a hole in the foam to be able to attach the pieces together.  Apparently I did not get a photo of that. 

Step 4:  Attach it all together

This is where things got a little tricky.  It just took Jeff and I together to get this baby put together.  Here are the steps we took!  

Start with the threaded rod and add the nut and washer.


Threaded rod with nut and washers and lamp base with lazy susan



Adding the lamp base over the nut and washers on the threaded rod.


Next add the first upcycled pan.


Threading the first, bottom upcyled pan/tray onto the threaded rod that holds the pieces together.


Then comes the first, larger decorative piece.


Adding the first decorative piece from the lamp on top of the bottom tray.


The metal long tube is next.


Adding the green metal tube part to add height to the tiered craft organizer


The smaller decorative piece is next.  It actually helps to hold the upper tray in place.


Adding decorative piece to help secure top tray.


After this we added the top pan.


Top tier tray added to the stacking process of the tiered craft organizer.


It looks a little wobbley but it straightened out as we continued the process.  There were two pieces that fit into the small tube on top so one of those came next.


Top tier with threaded rod and first attachment piece.


Then the small green tube then the other piece like this.


Top tier of tray with green tube piece to hold it together.


Holding the threaded rod up from the base to add the washers


And the decorative knob at the top.  Now we ended up removing the knob to be able to tighten everything really good.  To do this I held it in the middle and Jeff used his pliers to twist and tighten the rod in the middle so everything would cinch up and stay un wobbley.  LOL!  It worked well but it took a little finesse.


Adding the drawer pull as decoration at the top of the tiered trays


After that it was done except to fill it up with containers and craft tools.  The mason jars fit perfectly on the bottom tier.

The Finished Craft Tool Organizer


Bottom tray of upcycled tiered craft organizers with mason jars.


And these toothbrush holders from Dollar Tree worked well on the top.  They are plastic and made it less heavy.  Mason jars would have fit but would have added a lot more weight.


Top tier of craft tool organizer. Dollar Tree toothbrush holders are the perfect container for organizing craft tools on the top.


All together it came out really nice and I stare at it every time I walk by.   And the best part is it matches the vintage bread box  storage too.   I love it.


Photo of upcyled tiered craft tool organizer all put together with tools


It seemed a little tall as I mentioned at the beginning of the post but my brilliant friend Peggy came up with the idea…and the hooks…to add magnetic hooks to the underside of the top tier.  Now I can hang my two favorite and most used ink pads for quick use.  I loved this idea.

The top tier also houses glue sticks, my liquid glue, the E6000 and my adhesive dot runners.  These are all of my favorite adhesive products that I use all of the time.


Full view of tiered craft organizer made from upcyled pans. It is full of my favorite crafting tools.


The bottom tier includes scissors, hole punches, kraft knives, pencils, sharpies, my StyleTechCraft tool kit, palette knives and paint brushes.  Now all of these craft tools are right at my fingertips!  




Close up of tiered craft organizer showing tools on bottom tier



Close up photo of tiered tray organizer


Video Music: Carny’s Dance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (




I hope you guys like this.  It was a fun project and definitely something useful for me.  If you are looking for a great DIY solution for your craft supplies try one of these.  It really holds a lot of crafting tools.


Before and after pics of a tiered craft tool organizer


Shirley Wood

Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Storage space in the craft room is always needed and I love your spinning tiered tray. Next time I go thrifting I will be looking for those springform pans!


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Thanks Shirtley! The more storage the better! I love this thing and it works great!

Michelle | Thistle Key Lane

Monday 15th of April 2019

I love to combine organizing with a fantastic diy project. Well done!


Monday 15th of April 2019

Thank you. I agree. Anytime I can mix the two...I do! I am glad you like it.

Toni | Girl, Just DIY

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

This is so great! I love the stacking idea and the appliques on the sides are too cute.


Friday 5th of April 2019

Thanks Toni! It came together nicely and I love it.

Nancy Lou

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

Those tiered trays are so popular right now, aren't they? And you got to customize yours! Functional and adorable; well done!


Friday 5th of April 2019

Thanks Nancy. Coming from you, the organizer, this means a lot. I do love it.

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