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Dollar Store Organizing Ideas

Hello there!  January is one of those months that I want to organize and get ready to take on the new year.  When I put the Christmas decorations away I want to organize everything.  In this post I am going to show you some great Dollar Store organizing ideas. 

If you love the organizing ideas at the Dollar Tree you will probably love Dollar Tree crafts and gifts just as I do!

I feel like I was robbed of my New Year cleaning and organizing binge this year.  We were visiting our grand daughter (wouldn’t change that for the world) and then I got sick so I was down for just over a week.  That is a long time in organizing years.  LOL!

So when I finally felt a little bit better I ventured out for a couple of hours to the Dollar Tree and picked up a few things to organize a couple of items.

It is nothing fancy but it made a big difference.  Let me show you what I did!

Dollar Store Organizing

Dollar stores are the perfect place to pick up organizing bins, baskets and trays.  My favorite is the Dollar Tree.  Everything is $1 so even if you get something that you end up not liking or needing you aren’t out much if you don’t return it right away…or ever.

A few years ago I organized a lot of my kitchen cupboards and my pantry.  Well the pantry needs and entire overhaul again and it may be something I do soon but for this post I really wanted to organize my spices and our meds.  They are in the same cupboard.

This area also keeps our travel coffee mugs.  They really just need to be placed in rows or something so they don’t look so messy or I should purge some of them.  We seem to have a lot.

To organize my spices and meds I purchased these small trays.  I know they are for kitchen drawers but they were perfect for my spice containers.

Dollar Tree White drawer tray for organizing

Step 1:  Remove all of the spices

The first thing I did was to remove all of the spices from the cupboard and throw away any that were expired.  In true Michelle form I had duplicates of some because I was too lazy or I forgot to check the spice cabinet before heading to the grocery store.  As long as they are not expired I will keep the extra Pumpkin Pie spice.  LOL!

Then I wiped down all of the shelves.  This cupboard is by my stove and it gets pretty greasy.  I know that is gross but I love my steak and I cook it on the stove most of the time.  That grease splatters even with a splatter guard.  I hate it.

Once it is all clean I can start to put everything back again but in a more organized fashion

Step 2:  Organize 

This step, to me, is sort of personal.  They way you arrange your items is based on how you use them or how you want to find them.  We use the same spices over and over.  They are the spices that are going to go into the first tray.

After that I sort of placed like spices together as much as possible.

Meat spices, herb spices, pie spices…that sort of thing.  I only had three containers so for me it was sort of a savory/sweet thing.  If you have a ton of spices you may want to me specific about how you place them back into the cupboard.

Drawer organizers used to organize spices in the kitchen cupboard

Showing that a Dry Erase pen may be used on this container.

These containers will take a dry erase pen.  I tried it on the bottom of one then was able to wipe if off again.  So, to label these trays just pick up a dry erase pen from the Dollar Tree when you are there.

Step 3: Place everything back into the cupboard

Once you have all of the spices organized the way you like them, just place the trays back into the cupboard.  It is so easy.  Now I can take out just the spices I want or I can pull out one tray at a time time find what I am looking for.  This is so much easier than pushing them all aside like I was doing before.

Dollar Store drawer trays to organize meds in cupboard

Doesn’t it look nice?  At least it is a lot neater looking than before.  I still have some work to do but for now…I think it is great and it is just what I needed.

Full cupboard with the spices and meds organized.

Dollar Tree Organization Ideas

Gray Collapsible Bin – 

These fabric bins are great for storage on open bookshelves that will be seen in the room.  I think they are perfect for ear bud, charger cords, notepads and pens or even small toys. The possibilities are endless for these bins.

They are not huge but they look nice.  There are several colors and sizes available and if you are purchasing from the website you only have to purchase four.

White Drawer Organizer

These are the trays I used in this post.  They come in black or white.  There are different sizes and shapes in these little organizers.  They are pretty handy.

White Wire Shelf

I love these for dishes and for food in the pantry.  If you have tall shelves and can add storage space by placing a shelf and adding another item on top.  And for $1 you can beat this.

Here are a couple of more ideas.  Check out how my Dollar Store friends used Dollar Tree products!

Michelle at Our Crafty Mom:  Farmhouse Basket From A Dollar Store Laundry Basket

Beverly at Across the Blvd:  Organizing a Small Laundry Room with Dollar Store Items

I hope you have gotten some inspiration for this post and if you are not done organizing yet head over to your local Dollar Tree or to the website and see what you can find to help you out.

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cover pics for the 2020 planner notebooks


Friday 17th of January 2020

Keeping similar items in bins and basket is the best way for me to stay organized, too. It's always a good feeling when you know you won't have to go on a search mission for that one thing that you know is in there!