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My Five Favorite Halloween Fonts

 I love Halloween and I have a lot of projects for Fall and Halloween decor but I love to create printables too and that involves using fonts. I am a bit of a font freak so I want to share with you my five favorite Halloween fonts.

I am going to add in one bonus font for all of you Farmhouse lovers! So six total fonts that I love to use during the fall and Halloween season.

Five Favorite Halloween Fonts -- the five best Halloween fonts -- -- #fonts, #Halloween

These are in no particular order. They are just fun!

Font #1

Bleeding Freaks

All of these are so fun but this one is perfect for zombies and monsters. It is great for Halloween cards or Halloween party invitations!

Font #1


1942 Report, Nightmare, Dread

My husband, who is kind of a gaming geek, wants me to make him a series of Zombie stickers.  I will definitely be using some of these fonts for that.


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