Organizing With Things You Already Have


I am really getting into the organizing.  It is a “thing” I do.  I think my friend Peggy got me started on organizing.  So you can blame her.  LOL!  No, I really do think that these small, simple things can make you happy.  And the reason is because when things are simple, less chaotic and yes, organized, your life runs better.  You can find things right away and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.  That is more time to spend doing thing you love.  We all want more of that I think.

Organizing With Things You Already Have

Organizing - Simple Things -


I love the holder for our remote controls.  We have three of them – just in the living room!  Do you guys have as many?  Oh my gosh!  Anyway, I needed a way to get control of the remotes.  We needed “remote control”  Bahahaha!  Ok Never mind.

I found this ceramic crock in the garage on the shelf.  I had a plant in it at one time so it was full of dirt.  I cleaned it up with some soap and water and it looked pretty good.  I found some brown felt and cut two circles.  One for the inside to protect the remotes and a piece on the bottom to protect the furniture.

That is all I did and we have been using it ever since.  It has been one of the best things I ever did and it was so simple.  Even the boys and my husband put the remotes back 95% of the time.  That is another thing that makes me happy.

Organizing - Simple Things -


Organizing - Simple Things -


It just makes me happy!

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  1. Tami

    I have so many things thrown in my closets and garage that could be repurposed to organize my messy house. I will have to be more intentional about using what I have instead of buying more clutter to organize with.

    09 . 01 . 2015
    • Michelle

      Tami – I hear you. I constantly want to buy more containers. I have to stop myself and then go home and see what I can use instead. I can usually find something that works. Thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate it.

      09 . 01 . 2015

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