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Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets

I am excited to be showing you guys the warm and cozy throw blankets that I made.  They are just what the guest room needed on these freeeezziinnngg  cold days.

Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets - - Come see these "warm" and "cozy" blankets I created for our guest room!

Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets

I made these guys to fit into the bins I purchased a while ago for the guest room.  On the left side of the bed is “warm” and on the right side of the bed is “cozy”.  Fun right?  They aren’t very big but they will definitely fit a lap or go over the shoulders and they are orange on one side and gray on the other.   I made them to coordinate with the Welcome Pillow that I made.  They go well together don’t you think?

Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets - - Come see these "warm" and "cozy" blankets I created for our guest room!


You can see the entire tutorial including how I cut the fabric with my new Silhouette machine at Life With Lorelai.  I am a regular contributor on her blog and you can find my posts there twice per month.  I hope you will hop over and check out her blog as well as my tutorial.

This was a really fun project and they really fit well in the room.  I think I say that every project was really fun.  But I truly mean that.  I enjoy these things and love having a new “thing” in for my house.  It really does make me happy.  I hope you like reading these posts.

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