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This post is for my friend Peggy!  Apparently she has needed a Wifi Password printable graphic for her home and has asked me for one.  So, this is for her!  I hope you like it Peggy.  I have created other printables as well.  You can check out my DIY Printable Art and my Coffee Graphic to download as well!  If you are into Halloween you may like these Halloween Labels too.  

Wifi Password Printable - www.michellejdesigns.com

You can download the printable using the link below.  There are two files.

I am including some affiliate links for your convenience.  You can read my full disclosure here.

If you have Photoshop Elements you can use the PSD file and actually type in your password then print the page.

If you do not have Photoshop Elements you can print the png file and write in password.  Or you can frame the printable and use the glass as as a dry erase board and write the password onto the glass with the dry erase marker.

Wifi Password Printable - www.michellejdesigns.com


It will print on the 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper but if your frame is 8×10 just trim it down to fit in the frame.

Most of our visitors use the internet while in our living room with ipads or laptops so I will definitely put one there and in the guest room.  I think it adds a nice touch.  I saw this on In My Own Style.  Diane always has such great ideas.  You will love the look of the guest room as well.

So, download your printable and hang it so your guests will not have to ask you for the password anymore.

Download WiFi Password Printable Here


Wifi Printable - www.michellejdesigns.com


Update:  I have recently added this to our guest room.  So far the only guests have been the boys who already know the password but I am excited to someday have a guest use it.  You can see the frame in the reflection of the mirror (before I actually printed the one with the password) on top of the Cityscape Dresser.  It looks great up there.


Computer Stand turned Vanity Mirror - www.michellejdesigns.com - This old monitor stand get a new purpose on life. It not supports a re-vamped vanity mirror!


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  1. Chantal

    This is such a cool idea! Perfect for the guest room… and for those of us who always have to look up the password when asked! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Up Party this week, I hope you will party with us again next week! Also thank you very much for linking back to the party, it is so nice to see that!

    20 . 05 . 2015
    • Michelle

      No problem. I imagine the link up parties take some work to get up and get going. I appreciate being able to link and share my posts so thank you so much for doing it. I am glad you like the wifi password printable. My friend Peggy’s password is some horrible, long number/letter combination that she always has to look up too. Ugh!

      21 . 05 . 2015
  2. Aspen Jay

    I really like this idea for a guest room and you designed such a cute way to have it displayed! Thanks for sharing Michelle!

    22 . 05 . 2015
    • Michelle

      Thanks so much. I am glad you like it.

      22 . 05 . 2015
  3. Jenni

    Thank you for the wifi printable!

    19 . 06 . 2016
    • Michelle

      No problem. I am glad you liked it and downloaded it. I love mine and have it up all of the time. Thanks for stopping by!

      19 . 06 . 2016

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