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Computer Stand Turned Vanity Mirror

This garage sale mirror and un-used computer stand got re-vamped into a stylish vanity mirror for our guest room.

This has been a wild project but I finally got it done.  Have you ever turned a computer monitor stand into a vanity mirror? I hadn’t either but it was a fun project and I can’t wait to share it.

This project was brought on by a challenge that I could not resist.

The finished vanity mirror made from a computer stand and a garage sale mirror.

Computer Stand Turned Vanity Mirror

I was asked by some friends if I could do anything with this computer monitor stand.  At first I wasn’t sure but I decided to save its certain demise by taking it home to see what I could do with.

Computer Stand turned Vanity Mirror - - This old monitor stand get a new purpose on life. It not supports a re-vamped vanity mirror!

My friends had quite a few ideas for the computer stand but my favorite, and the one I truly needed was to add a mirror to it.  

I set out looking for one at every garage sale and goodwill store. This one was at a garage sale for .50. I couldn’t pass it up.

The garage sale mirror before paint

Pretty, right? The shamrock sticker really sold me.

Our guest room was the perfect place for this new mirror.

Preparing To Add The Stand

In order for the mirror to be  mounted to the computer stand we needed to attach it to the back.

I found a piece of scrap wood and Jeff drew on the back where it would be placed.

Placing a wood piece on the back of the mirror for the computer stand

Then we used wood glue to mount it down.

Using wood glue to attach the wood piece to the back of the mirror

Then I could start painting.  

Adding Some Much Needed Paint

The products I used were my usual Americana Decor Chalky Finish – Yesteryear (light gray), and the creme wax (over the the top)

Americana Decor chalk finish paint and creme wax used on the mirror

And the Americana Decor Light Satin Varnish – Carbon (black). This turned out to be black chalk paint with the wrong label on the bottle. But that was ok.

It turned out nice.

Computer Stand turned Vanity Mirror - - This old monitor stand get a new purpose on life. It not supports a re-vamped vanity mirror!

First I masked off the edges of the mirror and painted the entire thing the light gray (yesteryear) including the back of the mirror with the wood piece.  Then I thought I could use the black paint over the gray and distress it a lot so that most of the gray was showing and the black was mostly in the nooks and crannies.

Chloe tried to help but she got tired!

Chloe our kitty sleeping while I paint next to her on the table

The above picture shows it painted with paint.  It was too black.  So I tried the sanding.

Close up of the painted mirror with the gray paint and highlighting.

A light sanding still left too much black and the more I sanded the more the yellow mirror started to emerge again.  I did not want that so I got the gray paint back out and used a dry brush on it.

Mirror frame painted with the black and the gray paint

This was much more of what I had pictured in my head for this project so I left it at that.  

I added the wax on the front and back the buffed it out to a nice sheen.  I just love that part.

A picture of the back of the mirror with the computer monitor stand attached to it.

Finishing Up

Jeff mounted the computer stand with four screws.  The stand already has holes so it was just a matter of drilling some holes in the wood piece and screwing it together.

I love the computer stand because it is going in the guest room that my boys mainly use.  Both are computer programmers so it fits!

Computer stand all finished and placed into the guest room.

It turned out so nice.

Vanity mirror all set up in the guest room.

Close up of the new vanity mirror and painted and set up in the guest room.

Computer stand vanity mirror set up in the guest room and ready to use.

You can see my cityscape dresser in the mirror.  That was a fun project and they match well in the room.  

Our little guest room is coming together slowly but surely.  

What do you think? I love the way it turned out.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


The before and after pictures of the vanity mirror made from a garage sale mirror and a computer stand.
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