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DIY Shutter Sconces - www.michellejdesigns.com - I created my own sconces from plumbing and electrical parts. They are perfect in the shutters...on the wall!

How To Create Shutter Sconces

Hi!  Okay so these sconces are not technically on the headboard but they could be if you wanted them that way.  Today I am showing you how to create sconces for a headboard! I was …
DIY Shutter Headboard - www.michellejdesigns.com - See how I created a headboard and bedside table sconces by using garage sale shutters!

DIY Shutter Headboard

Hi everyone!  I am so excited about my DIY shutter headboard project!  This was just one of those projects that came together so nicely in the end. First things first though!  Some or all of …
Farmhouse Wooden Crate - www.michellejdesigns.com - This just needed a little paint and some distressing to give it the perfect farmhouse charm.

Farmhouse Wooden Crate

Hi!  I am sharing a project today that was just a super fun, easy thing to do and yet I think it made a huge impact.  Take a look at this farmhouse wooden crate!   …
Farmhouse Look Lamp on a Budget - www.michellejdesigns.com - I love the farmhouse look. I created this lamp from Thrift store parts and I think it would fit into any farmhouse decor

Farmhouse Look Lamp On A Budget

I am loving that farmhouse look that I see everywhere.  Of course it has been brought into the spotlight by the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I don’t have regular tv cable so I can only …
Guest Room Luggage Cart - www.michellejdesigns.com - One of the final touches to our guest room is this fun luggage cart. See how I created this useful piece!

Guest Room Luggage Cart

Hello friends!  I am here today with a great project that I completed for the March Fab Furniture Flippin Contest.  This month’s theme is Mix and Match and the sponsor for this month is Fairfield …
Painting on Canvas - www.michellejdesigns.com - Painting on canvas isn't so hard when you can pre-cut your letters! Easy Peasy.

Painting on Canvas

Hi friends!  Welcome to Christmas week.  I am still decorating because I really wanted a large canvas that I could hang on the wall.  So, I decided painting on canvas was the best way to …
How To Create a Wooden Star - www.michellejdesigns.com - learn how to make a rustic, wooden Christmas star for your Holiday decor

How to Create a Wooden Star

I saw a super cute 1/2 wood, 1/2 metal star in JoAnn’s a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was so fun.  I knew I did not have metal pieces but I had …
DIY Mercury Glass - www.michellejdesigns.com - create your own mercury glass using a spray paint and some water! Who knew?

DIY Mercury Glass

I have been seeing Mercury glass all over the place in stores and on websites.  Then, I saw the best thing EVER!  DIY Mercury Glass.  I would have never guessed in a million years that …
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