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DIY Notepad Padding Compound

I made this day planner for myself (you can download it too) a couple of months ago and I printed a few out then when I ran out of those I got lazy and didn’t print any more.  That means unorganized days and that is not good.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

DIY Notepad Padding Compound

I decided that I needed to print out a lot of them so they would handy but I knew they would be all over the house.  So I figured I should make a notepad.

I started by printing out my sheets.  I have two per page so I printed 40 sheets.  I thought I would want it to last through the end of June. I like to use card stock so this is what it looked like after I got it cut and stacked.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

I thought it was a little thick especially if I want to carry it with me.  So I split that in half and called it good.  This was a much better size for me.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

I had seen people making the “glue” or notepad padding compound that goes across the top and I knew I could do it too.

Here is the best recipe I found.


1/2 Tbsp unflavored gelatin

1 tsp glycerin

1 Tbsp distilled vinegar

3 Tbsp water


I placed the water in a bowl and used the microwave to boil it then added the gelatin.  Use a whisk to dissolve the gelatin then add the vinegar and the glycerin.   Whisk again until it is mixed together.

It seemed very bubbly. Let it cool to room temperature.

I let mine go too long so it was pretty tough when I returned.   I put it in for 15 seconds and then it was way to runny.  So I waited again but this time I watched and was ready.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

I used a paint brush to apply the mixture and it seemed a little gloppy so I tried my best to smooth it out.  I decided to keep going and applied three coats letting it dry in between each coat.

This is how it looked before I removed the cardboard pieces.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

The pages were really loose and they just were not sticking together they way I thought they should.  I easily peeled the whole piece off.  See it?

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

Then I started again.

This time I used the notepad padding compound when it was pretty runny before it really set at all.  It seemed to go on much smoother.

I let it dry for about 15 minutes between each coat and added and removed the top clips each time I put on a new coat and I washed my paint brush in between coats.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

This is my final piece and it is much better.  Live, learn and re-do right?

That is the process of DIY sometimes.  I am really happy with the final result of my second attempt.  I went on to finish the other half as well.

DIY Notepad Padding Compound -

What do you think?  I hope you have reason to give it a try sometime.   Notepads of all kinds would be a great gift.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Happy crafting!


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