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Holiday Wine Labels

Hello there and welcome back to the blog.  You know I love making gifts and that includes printables.  Especially if they have been created for some great holiday wine!  

I love giving and receiving wine and adding a fun holiday wine label just makes it that more interesting.  

These wine labels are perfect if you are attending an event and want to give the host a nice bottle or, as I mentioned above just as a Christmas/Holiday gift.  

There are two different themes to choose from – 

Ugly Sweater and Buffalo check.  

I hope you will check them out and get the free printable from the resource library!  

Wine bottles with the printable buffalo check printable wine labels and a rustic twine tied at the top.

Holiday Wine Labels

These are so easy.  All you have to do is print, cut and adhere!  Let me show you!

If you love wine labels you will probably love these Relax Wine Labels too. They are perfect for a small gift to give to a friend.

If you like to watch a step-by-step video then just click on the link below. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL WHILE YOU ARE THERE!

DIY Tiered Tray Using Chalk Paint On Glass Video


Step 1: Download and Print

So grab the free printables in the resource library   and print them onto the Avery 8.5 x 11 shipping labels. 

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This is what I use as sticker paper. They are the avery 8.5 x 11 shipping labels. They work perfectly!

The packaging of Avery 8.5 x 11 shipping labels I use as sticker paper for printing holiday wine labels

Here are the labels coming off the printer.  My printer is just an Epson cheapie but if I change the paper setting to Photo Paper Matte I get really good results. 

They print a lot slower on this setting and I am sure it uses more ink but I want them to look nice when printed.  

If you have a good printer you may not have to make these changes in the settings.

Holiday Wine Labels coming off the printer.

The wine labels print with 4 on a sheet to save paper.  After they have printed you will want to trim them down.  

Step 2: Trim the Labels

I like to use a paper trimmer or my paper cutter for this step.  If you don’t have these then a scissor will work just fine.

This is how the Ugly Sweater labels come out of the printer.

The printed ugly sweater holiday wine labels before cutting them apart.

Cut down the center first.

Using the paper trimmer to cut out the individual holiday wine labels from the sticker sheet.

Continue by cutting across the center of the two halves and by cutting off the white edges.  

Step 3: Adhere to the Bottles

Now you are ready to adhere them to the wine bottles.  

I like to place my holiday wine labels on the back of the bottle.  This way the recipient can still see what kind of wine they will be drinking.  This is helpful if they don’t open the bottle right away.  

I know I would like to know what kind it was.  If the back label states the type of wine you are good placing it wherever you like.  

Figure out your placement.

Figuring out just where to place the holiday wine label onto the bottle.

Peel off the backing of the sticker paper.

Peeling off the backing of the sticker paper to adhere the holiday wine label.

Line up one side of the label trying your best to keep it nice and straight.  I like to use the existing label as a guide and just barely cover up that edge.

Lining up the left side of the new sticker with the edge of the existing label to be sure to get it straight.

Roll the bottle along as you place the label down then smooth it out.

Smooth down the holiday wine label when it is stuck onto the bottle.

Continue this process for all of the bottles you are covering.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Even after the label was on it just seemed like some finishing touches were in order.  

The buffalo check labels are very rustic so I added some jute twine to the neck of the bottle for those.  

Tying a piece of jute twine around the neck of the bottle to add a finishing touch to the buffalo check holiday wine label.

And some bright colored ribbon on the ugly sweater wine bottles.  

Tying a bright, yellow ribbon around the neck of the ugly sweater wine label bottle

I prefer knots as to bows but you can tie whatever you like, of course.  

Then you are all done.  They are ready to give to friends, neighbors, family members, party hosts and more!

Materials List

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Holiday Wine Labels

Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels.

These festive holiday wine bottles with printable labels are sure to please any wine lover on your list. Just print, cut and adhere! Easy peasy.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3



  1. Download and print your labels onto the sticker paper
  2. Cut the labels apart using a paper trimmer
  3. Remove the baking of the sticker paper
  4. Carefully adhere to either the front or the back of the wine label covering the existing label
  5. Add jute twine or ribbon to the top to finish it off.

Here are some photos of these festive wine bottles all done and looking pretty!  

Here are the ugly sweater bottles.

Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels
Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels
Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels
Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels

And the buffalo check labels.  

Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels
Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels
Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels.

I hope you like them and will enjoy the free printables.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Finished holiday wine with festive holiday wine labels.
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