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Learn Photoshop Elements One Step At A Time – Creating A Fun Page Photoshop Elements Tutorial

Hello!  I am excited to be here today with another Photoshop Elements tutorial.  This time we are learning how to bring photos and elements into the program, add text and create a fun page while we learn.  If you are interested in learning the program then keep on keeping on!


This a post including a video tutorial that covers bringing photos and elements into the program and adding text - Learn Photoshop Elements -


Learning Photoshop Elements – Create A Fun Page

The first video tutorial was all about the basics.  It was to take away any intimidation you get when you open the program and go over the screen layout one part at a time.  

This video takes it a little bit further by showing you how to create a new document, bring in photos or design elements and add some text.  While I am explaining all of that we are creating a fun page!


You will learn how to:

bring photos and/or design elements into Photoshop Elements

make a new document

arrange and move the photos around on the new document

re-size images and elements to better fit your page

add text onto a new document

align text lines with each other

save your new document as a photoshop file, a png and how to save for the web


If you are just learning the program, these are important things to know and this video will touch on all of them.  

You can watch by clicking on the video below or heading over to my You Tube Channel to see it.  Either way, please subscribe to my You Tube Channel.  I would love to have tons of followers and right now I am killing it with 102.  LOL!



I hope you enjoyed this video and I will have another one up soon with even more information to help you learn this program.  

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