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The Best Spray Paint for Glass Jars

Spray paint is always a good choice for glass. Learn why this Krylon Stained Glass paint is my choice for the best spray paint for glass jars.

I love painting glass and distressing paint on glass.

For spray paints, the Rustoleum Chalked paint has been in the top spot but this Krylon Stained Glass spray paint is now my new fave.

I am excited to show you why.

If you love painting and making glass crafts and gifts you will love it here.

Finished tinted mason jars with stained glass spray paint.

The Best Spray Paint for Glass Jars

I have used a lot of spray paints for glass. They each have their look or purpose and all of these are really good and will give you great results. Let’s go over some of them.

I have added some affiliate links for your convenience. You can see my full disclosure here.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint

Chalked spray paint by Rustoleum is one of my favorites for a distressed look.

It is a great paint for glass. It goes on nice and if applied in light layers (as with all spray paints) will not run. You have to be careful about drips and runs when painting on glass.

Then you can use a sanding block to distress the finish if you like that look. It works perfectly.

You can see the full post about painting these small glass vases I made from Dollar Tree salt and pepper shakers.

Krylon Stained Glass Spray Paint

I have tried tinting glass jars a couple of times with decent results but nothing has come close to this Stained Glass paint from Krylon.

This paint is the perfect solution for tinting glass.

Again, and I will mention this again I am sure, the key is light layers.

What kind of paint do you use on mason jars?

These two types of paints that I am showing in this post are the best that I have found for mason jars so far. The chalked spray paint is perfect for distressing over the raised logo of the jar so if you want an opaque look it is perfect.

If you want a transparent look, then the stained glass spray paint is your best bet.

I want to show you how these mason jars were transformed with this spray paint for glass jars.

Materials Needed

Clear mason jar with the Krylon Stained glass spray paint can.

Using a variety of sizes was fun. I wanted to have some tinted mason jar decor. Like the vintage mason jars.

It is a super easy and an inexpensive way to add a vintage or farmhouse look.

The best way to use spray paint on glass is light layers. (see… I told you I would say it again)

This look took three coats with the jars upside down and one more light spray with them right side up.

Step 1: The first coat

Since this craft only involves the painting of the jars, I wanted to show you how they look after each coat.

Remember, light layers is the way to success.

Here are the jars after the first coat.

Spray painted glass jars after one coat of paint

There is a definite color change with the first coat.

Be sure to wait at least a half hour between coats so it can dry completely.

Step 2: The second coat

Here they are after coat two.

Painted glass jars after two coats of paint.

More color but still no drips and they are pretty clear. It is not like the sea glass or the frosted spray paint. These are just a tint, like a stained glass.

I am loving this paint right now.

Give them another half hour to dry.

Step 3: The third coat

After coat three they were pretty much at the look I was trying to achieve.

Spray painted glass jars after three coats of paint.

To me, they have the perfect blue mason jar look.

I waited another half hour. Then I turned them right side up and give them one more light spray. It was really just to touch up parts that were facing down and didn’t have quite as much paint on them.

After letting them dry one more time this is the final outcome.

Finished tinted mason jars with stained glass spray paint.

Aren’t they gorgeous. I didn’t even want to put anything in them so you could see them just as they are.

Of course, if you want them darker or lighter you can adjust the number of layers you use.

Finished tinted mason jars with stained glass spray paint.

Finished tinted mason jars with stained glass spray paint.

Finished tinted mason jars with stained glass spray paint.

What do you think?

Would you try this Stained Glass paint? There are a bunch of colors and I can’t wait to try more. Although I bet my favorite will always be this vintage blue.

I hope you enjoyed learning about what spray paint to use on glass. If so you should check out this post all about spray paints for glass. It is amazing.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Finished tinted mason jars with stained glass spray paint.

Carole Wier

Friday 7th of October 2022

Hi! Wondering if this paint will work for full coverage on jars. Looking to do red, white, and green for Christmas table decorations. Thank you.


Sunday 9th of October 2022

Hi Carole. This paint is very transparent. If you want full coverage I would use the rustoleum spray paints. They are great. If you want to minimuze scratches, etc then add a layer of clear coat or maybe even mod podge over the top as the last coat. They should be good to go!

Kathy Kehoe

Friday 4th of March 2022

Will this hold up to outdoors?


Saturday 5th of March 2022

Hi Kathy. I had mine out all summer last year and even left them out all winter. When I finally got back there a couple of weeks ago I saw them. I can tell the paint has faded a bit but they still have a blue hue. I may give them a quick re-spray this spring. But they did pretty well. We have extreme temps.

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