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Mod Podge Tissue Paper On Glass

Learn how to Mod Podge tissue paper on glass to create a fun farmhouse candle holder for the perfect spring look.

I am pretty sure these are candle holders but I really think they could be vases or just sit on a table looking pretty.

Instead of using my usual chalk paint or spray paint on the glass I decided to try something different.

This is a technique I have seen using napkins so I originally was looking for pretty napkins. But when I saw this really fun and pretty tissue paper at Dollar Tree I just had to see if it would work.

If you LOVE Dollar Tree crafts and gifts then you are definitely in the right place.


If you love painting and making glass crafts and gifts you will love it here.

My finished farmhouse candle holders decorated with tissue paper from Dollar Tree.

Farmhouse Candle Holders

These were pretty easy to make but I think they turned out so pretty. Here is what you will need for this project.

Materials needed:

I have added some affiliate links for your convenience. You can see my full disclosure here.

  • Candle holders with a pattern. These have a chicken wire pattern and a chicken on two sides – I found these in a brand new store by me. I cannot find them online.
  • Tissue paper – I found mine at the Dollar Tree but any tissue paper will work.
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush for adding the Mod Podge
  • Sanding block
  • Tea lights – optional but fun.
Before and after glass candlholders

This is what these cute candle holders looked like before and after but I really wanted to show you how they looked before I add the tissue paper. The cute chicken wire pattern drew me in.

Dollar Tree tissue paper that was used to cover the glass candle holder.
Mod Podge Tissue Paper On Glass

This is the tissue paper. I thought it was super cute and for a dollar? Yes please!

Step 1: Cut strips of tissue paper

Since the candle holder is sort of an odd shape I wanted to add strips of tissue paper to get it covered.

I cut about a 2 inch wide strip.

Cutting strips of tissue paper to add to the glass candle holder.

Hold the strip of tissue up to the vase and cut into shorter lengths. You want them to cover from just underneath the lip to the center of the bottom.

Measuring the lengths of tissue to cut for the candle holder from top to bottom

You will need between 6 – 8 pieces depending on how much you overlap. My first one took 6 pieces and the second took 7. You can always cut more if needed.

Once the pieces are cut we are ready to use the Mod Podge and apply them to the glass.

Step 2: Apply the tissue paper with Mod Podge

Grab your brush and your Mod Podge.

Apply a fairly generous amount of Mod Podge to a section of the glass. Make sure it is wider enough to apply at least one strip of the tissue paper.

Applying the Mod Podge to the glass candle holder to add the tissue paper.

Once there is enough Mod Podge add one strip of the tissue paper. Start by lining up the top just under the lip. Then add more Mod Podge and brush the tissue paper down. Move from the top toward the bottom of the candle holder.

Applying Mod Podge over the top of the tissue paper.

You may encounter a fold that is too much to place down without adding more Mod Podge in between. If this happens, use a scissor to cut the fold and then place one over the other of the cut pieces.

Using scissors to cut the folds to lay them flat.
Mod Podge Tissue Paper On Glass

Keep adding the tissue pieces until you get all the way around the glass piece.

Finished with applying tissue paper all the way around the glass piece.

Set aside and let the Mod Podge dry.

Step 3: Sanding the tissue paper

Now comes the messy part. I chose to sand my project in the garage because it really does produce a lot of “tissue” dust.

Use a coarse sanding block and start sanding. My goal was to sand all of the tissue paper from the raised parts on the glass pattern. So the chicken wire the the chicken.

Sanding the tissue paper off of the raised chicken wire design of the glass.

You can see the glass starting to show through. Keep sanding until you have the look you want.

Wipe off the extra sanding dust with a damp cloth and your are finished.

They turned out so cute. I may add some twine to the top and I am not sure if I will use them as a vase or a candle holder or…give them as a gift.

Two finished farmhouse candle holders made with Dollar store glass pieces and dollar store tissue paper.

Close up picture of the farmhouse candle holder.

I love these. I hope you will give this tissue paper technique a try.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Finished mod podge tissue paper on glass farmhouse candle holders


Thursday 15th of February 2024

They are so pretty. I have an old bottle that at one time was painted and had a string of lights in it. I think this would be perfect for that.


Thursday 15th of February 2024

Hi Tammy. That sounds perfect. I am so glad you like it. It also works great with a paper napkin. You just peel the napkin apart so you have just one thin layer. Have fun!


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Do you separate the tissue if using napkin


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Hi Yvonne. If you are using a napkin you will want to separate the layers and use only the top layer with the design.


Thursday 25th of January 2024

This is such a cute project and I love the candle holders you used. Any idea where we might find something similar?


Friday 2nd of February 2024

Hi Linda,

I got the candle holders at the Dollar Tree. Sometimes I can find them and sometimes I can't. I feel like Dollar Trees can be hit or miss sometimes. The tissue is from there as well. I hope you find some that you like.


Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Going to try this, love the 3d (as I call it). effect.


Monday 31st of July 2023

Hi Lola, I am glad you like these and hope you have fun trying them for yourself.

Michelle James

Friday 14th of May 2021

This is such a great project! I love the tissue paper you used. Pinned!


Monday 17th of May 2021

Thanks so much Michelle! It was fun and I couldn't believe that I found that tissue paper at the Dollar Tree. It was a great find.

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