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Free Daisy SVG Cut File

Grab this super cute free daisy SVG cut file for a glass cup. These are so fun to decorate and it is always good to “have a wonderful daisy”.

Welcome, crafters and DIY enthusiasts! If you’re looking to add a touch of charm and personality to your Libbey glass cups with bamboo lids, you’re in the right place.

I’m thrilled to share with you a fun project featuring a free Daisy SVG cut file that will transform your ordinary glassware into pieces of art.

And I am taking this project to the next level by incorporating laser engraving technology with my new xTool F1 laser engraver to customize the bamboo lid, perfectly complementing the daisy-themed wrap.

If you love to use your cutting machine to make fun, trendy projects keep reading for this step by step tutorial.

If you love free SVGS you are in the right place. Check this out! These say they are for t shirts but you can use a cut file and add it to any project!

Free Daisy SVG Cut File

Finished Daisy SVG cut file on the frosted glass cup.

Supplies List

I am pretty sure the “normal” size for the Libbey glass cups are 16 oz. You can find them at Hobby Lobby or on Amazon. I found they are the same price at the time of writing this post. Here is the link for Amazon.

The clear cups were out of stock at Hobby Lobby when I went to purchase them so I got this frosted sublimation glass cup that is a little taller. It still has the great bamboo lid and comes with the straw. So I am using it for this post.

I did end up finding the clear glasses at a different Hobby Lobby a few weeks later and snatched a box of 4 for future projects. I am so excited!

The Free Daisy SVG File

I created this file for the 16 oz glass cup. So, after you download it and bring it into your design space you will need to re-size it for your project. I also moved some of the flowers around just have the spaced a little differently on the larger cup. Be sure to keep all of the flowers in the measurement of the cup.

Since we want to cut out all of the same colors together go into the layers panel and choose all of the white flowers then click on “attach” so they remain in the same spot and will be all together on one mat.

Do the same with the yellow centers and the text. You can, of course, cut out your flowers and text in whatever color vinyl you want. I chose a fun green vinyl for my text.

The glass cut wrap svg file after making the text green

After you have all of your colors cut, it is time to add the designs to the cup.

I started with the white daisies.

I has been a while since I have posted a step-by-step tutorial that I totally forgot to take photos as I went along. But here is what I did.

Weed the white daisies and add transfer tape to the top. Peel away the backing and carefully place the daisy design onto the glass cup. I started in the middle then laid each side down.

Then do the same with the yellow centers. Line them up onto the daisies and place them down.

Add the transfer tape to the text and place it down in the space in the middle of the daisies.

Finished Daisy SVG cut file on the frosted glass cup.

Then you are all done.

Click here to download this free daisy svg cut file

This file is a zipped file that also contains a PNG of the daisy wrap and a png of the design on the top of the bamboo wood lid.

Adding Engraving to the Bamboo Lid

This is the part that really makes my cup stand out. I love that I have the ability to engrave with my new xTool F1.

Full disclosure here – xtool reached out to me and sent me this machine in exchange for my honest opinion. This was my first project and I have to say I am quite impressed. Engraving has turned out to be fairly easy and I didn’t have any issues with the wood projects I have tried so far. As I mention later, I did have to watch some You Tube videos to figure out things like settings. But as I go along…it gets a little easier. And the results….stunning!

It comes with a bit of a price tag but all laser cutters do. I feel it is right in line with other products as far as price goes. If you are a crafter that sells at craft fairs this one is perfect to take along. You can do personalized items right there on the spot. But even if you sell on Etsy or just want to make personalized items at home for friends and family. It is portable and seems to be the perfect way to do this.

Picture of xtool F1 laser cutter/engraver

This machine is a great size and can fit into any craft room. It sits right next to my Cricut when I am not using it. And can easily be moved to the table (as shown above) when I do want to use it to engrave or cut.

The first thing I did to create the design was to measure the lid. Then I opened up Canva and created a simple design with text and daisies. I used the same saying on the lid that is included in the cut file.

When I was happy with the design I saved it as a png and then uploaded it into the xtool software, xtool creative space.

This program reminds me a lot of Cricut Design Space. It is not hard to use but there is a learning curve when using the settings that are needed for cutting or engraving.

Designing the lid in Xtool Creative Space

This is how the design looks in xcs (the design software). The white grid is the space I have for my design. The F1 is a small machine with a small cutting/engraving space which makes it ideal for small projects. If you want to create larger projects you can get the extension piece. This adds some extra cost but would be worth it if engraving larger projects is what you want to do.

Designing the lid in Xtool Creative Space

This is the box around the design that the machine uses for measuring. When I added my round lid to the machine and started my framing a blue square box shows up on the lid.

It allows you to move the item you are working on around or resize the design in the program and you can see exactly where it will engrave.

I had to be sure my flowers and text weren’t going to run off the sides of the lid.

Once everything is sized just right it is time to enter your settings.

Designing the lid in Xtool Creative Space

The F1 includes a Blue Diode laser and an Infared laser. You choose which one you want. I chose the Blue light for the engraving. Then I set my other parameters. I learned this by watching You Tube videos of other creators and using their settings as a guide.

The Dot duration is set at 700, the power is at 80 and the DPI is 270. You can add extra passes if you want but I only needed one pass.

Then I pushed the “process” button.

Designing the lid in Xtool Creative Space

This is what the process screen looks like. I was worried the white square around the design would cut as well but it did not.

This video is not sped up. This is real time. It is so quick and it came out so good. I was really happy with it.

The Completed Glass Cup

I love the way this came out and I can’t wait to explore more options and try new projects with the xTool F1. It really is a fun machine.

Finished Daisy SVG cut file on the frosted glass cup.
Finished Daisy SVG cut file on the frosted glass cup.

What do you think?

Don’t forget to download your free daisy SVG cut file so you can make your own glass cup. It is perfect for spring/summer or all year for that matter!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


Nancy L Janssen

Sunday 18th of February 2024

So cute, Michelle! Nancy


Monday 19th of February 2024

Thanks Nancy!!

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