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Dollar Store Vases Turned Into Awesome Outdoor Solar Lighting

Dollar Tree vases and solar stake lights are transformed into outdoor solar lights that will add lighting and ambiance to your deck or patio.

Hello there!  I am excited about today’s project.  Lighting outside on my back patio is few and far between. We needed something and I love the idea of outdoor solar lights. Solar lighting just makes sense.

You know that I also love a good dollar store diy project.  They are always inexpensive and usually look just as good as something you would purchase at a higher end department store and this post is no exception.  This time I have turned Dollar Store Vases into awesome diy outdoor solar lights.

If you aren’t by a Dollar Tree the Dollar General solar lights are a perfect choice. In fact they are probably exactly the same.

And if you love Dollar Tree crafts and gifts you have come to the right place!


If you love painting and making glass crafts and gifts you will love it here.

Dollar Store Vases to Outdoor Solar Lights -

Dollar Store Vases to Outdoor Solar Lights

These DIY Dollar Store solar lights are so easy to make and I am excited to share them with you.  Last summer I created some diy hanging outdoor solar lights with Dollar Store items.  You can see that post here!

Now let’s get started on these outdoor solar lights!

Supplies needed:

  • Dollar Store Vases
  • Dollar Store Solar Lights
  • Oil Based Sharpie Markers


These dollar store vases outdoor lighting pieces are so easy to make and fast too. #dollarstorecrafts #dollarstorelighting #diyoutdoorlighting -

Step 1: Prepare The Solar Light

Remove the stem from the solar light. These Dollar Tree solar lights part fit perfectly into the vase.  This entire project is so easy that it is hard to even call a DIY. 

Except for the drawing of the dandelions.  

Eventually when you are done with the rest of the solar light project you will need to remove the tag that allows the solar light to charge and light up.  You will see it.

These dollar store vases outdoor solar lights are so easy to make and fast too. #dollarstorecrafts #dollarstorelighting #diyoutdoorlighting -

Step 2: Drawing the Dandelions on the Dollar Store vases

You can draw whatever you like to decorate the dollar store vases but I chose dandelions that are blowing in the wind!  

I think they are fun as home decor and look great outside.  But I am fully aware that some people don’t like them because they are a weed!  If you hate them choose a fun dragon fly or butterflies. 

There are so many different designs that can be added to the vase.  

I think the dandelions look cute on these vases and they are easy to draw.

The stem

Use the green oil based sharpie marker to create a line for stem.  Start at the top of the stem and just pull down with a slight curve.  You can add as many dandelions as you want on your solar light base but I just drew one on the “front” and one on the “back”.  

Sometimes simple is best in my opinion.

The flowers

Use the white sharpie pen to draw lines from the top of the stem out.  They can be short or long.  

Keep drawing lines until you make circle of white lines.  See the photo below.  They do not have to be perfect.  

The beauty of these markers is you can use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to remove some of the drawing if you don’t like.  Just don’t wait too long.  It becomes more difficult to remove as time goes on.

Using a paint pent to draw dandelions onto a dollar store vase to make some outdoor solar lights.

Add the dots

Draw little dots on the white lines and at the top of each one.  This gives it a more detailed and finished look.  The design really starts to take shape and look like dandelions.  Aren’t they cute?

Using a paint pent to draw dandelions onto a dollar store vase to make some outdoor solar lights.

The flying dandelions

These are made by drawing a short little line with a dot at the end.  Have the dots on the same side of the line and keep them going upward and around the vase like the wind is taking them away.

Ever since I made these diy solar outdoor lights when I see the dandelions flying in the wind I think of these. 

Adding flying dandelions to the outdoor solar lights made from dollar store vases.

Step 3: Bake The Vases

The next step is to bake the glass vases.  This will heat the design and make it much more permanent. 

I am not saying the design will never come off, I cannot guarantee that but baking them creates a heat set that will stay on longer.

Place the vases into cool oven. 

Set the temp to 200 degrees and bake for 2 hours. 

Turn off the oven and remove the vases after the oven is completely cool.  This heats them and cools them gradually and keeps the glass vases from breaking.

The finished outdoor solar light made from a dollar store vase

Then, remove the tab from the Dollar Tree solar light and just place it right into the top of the dollar store vase.  They do move around a bit but they are so cute and fun.  

Materials needed:

I have added some affiliate links for your convenience. You can see my full disclosure here.

Here are some printable instructions just in case you want to have them handy at home.

Dollar Store Vases Turned Into Awesome Outdoor Lighting

Dollar Store Vases to Outdoor Lighting -

These dollar store vases can be dressed up to create some awesome outdoor lighting for a deck or patio space.

Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $2 - $10



  • Oven


  1. Prepare the solar lights by removing the "stem" or stick. Also remove the "tag" and get them charging in the sunlight.
  2. Make sure the vases are clean and use the sharpie markers to draw the dandelions. Start with a green stem, then create the flower then add the dots.
  3. Bake. Place the vases in a cool oven, turn the temp to 200 degrees and bake for 2 hours. Turn off the oven and let it cool with the vases still inside.
  4. Remove the vases, drop the solar light into the top of the vase a place outside.
  5. Boom! Done!

I have had questions as to whether the rain gets into the vase.  It can but can easily be poured out by removing the solar light.

Try to remember to bring them inside if there is going to be a storm.  Plus they are glass and can break if blown off the table or deck.  

They are so fun to see all lit up. 

I hope you will make some of these diy outdoor solar lights for your outdoor parties this year!  You will love them!

These dollar store vases outdoor solar lights are so easy to make and fast too. #dollarstorecrafts #dollarstorelighting #diyoutdoorlighting -

The tops of the outdoor solar lights fit perfectly into the Dollar Store Vases and make awesome outdoor lighting - #michellejdesigns #solarlighting #dollarstorecrafts #dollarstore #outdoorlighting #diyprettysolarlights

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Thanks so much for stopping by today!



Wednesday 12th of May 2021

I really like garden and deck crafts and these lights are so cute! I suppose you could do the dandelion design in red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. They kind look like fireworks! I am out in the country, also, but now we have a Dollar General just a mile away. I get lots of stuff there and have decorated my home " Farm House Dollar General". One problem, also> Many of the thrift stores have closed down and it is hard to find cheap stuff to refurbish. A landfill 20 miles away has a shop called "The Last Chance Mercantile". And boy is it really last chance stuff. I found a bunch of cheap dishes for the glass dish flowers and am making them today. The glue is not cheap, however.


Friday 14th of May 2021

I guess our Thrift stores closed for a while but are now all open. We are lucky and garage sales were definitely few and far between last summer. This year there are a lot on our city wide.

I think the "fireworks" dandelions would be super cute. I love that idea.

Barb M.

Thursday 26th of April 2018

So funny--you know exactly what I mean about rural then! Most people I meet online are within a couple miles of every store under the sun! I didn't think about online dollar store ordering though, so that's a good idea if I can't find supplies locally. I have other posts I'm reading on your blog--love the cassette holder to nightstand storage! I have an idea for another use of those old cabinets too and a couple "in stock", but haven't done it yet. I'll look around at everything--great ideas and a very nice blogsite.

I found you by way of a link through Hometalk if you're curious. Happy to find another great blog on budget do it yourself and I'm a cat person too, though not rescue. I've had 8 cats through my lifetime, several living till they were 19--love them like family. Current one, Ivy, is 10 years old this summer. Carry on!


Thursday 26th of April 2018

I used to live in Sacramento so coming here to rural Iowa was a bit of a shock as far as stores and restaurants. I miss them a lot sometimes but now I make special trips to go. I am glad you found me and that you like my blog and my projects. Thank you for telling me that. It is so nice to hear. And thank you for checking out all of my post. I hope you signed up for my newsletter so you get notifications of new posts! Thanks again.

Barb M.

Thursday 26th of April 2018

I'm going to town tomorrow and will look. We do have a dollar general also so will check there too, but the main problem I've had is the solar lights. They all get one batch in when it's still late winter for us, and they're gone so fast. I think I have a couple unused from last year, with paper tab still in so should be good, on hand though if I can't find any. Even one on the patio table would be cute to start with. I'll definitely check those markers out, not sure how I missed them! I'm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and we're way rural! We have a Joann's near and a Michael's far (35 miles) but I go there for appointments at least once a month. Hobby Lobby is a 2 1/2 hour drive over to Green Bay, Wisconsin but we go there too once in awhile. Thanks!


Thursday 26th of April 2018

You are far away from stores like we are. I am in Northwest Iowa. We do have a Hobby Lobby 1/2 hour away but our Michaels is about 2 hours. It is hard to find things sometimes. Good luck finding the solar lights. You could try Dollar General or Dollar Trees online stores. Sometimes they do a ship to store for free!

Barb M.

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

I love these and am definitely going to look tomorrow to see if the Dollar Tree has any solar lights left so I can make some. Their garden stuff goes so fast and it seems they only do one order unfortunately. I've seen people put the solar lights in mason jars, but they fit so perfect on top of the vases and look better together than in the mason jars. I didn't know about the Sharpie oil based markers either. Thanks!


Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Hi Barb! The vases seemed to work so well with them. I found almost identical solar lights at Dollar General if you have those in your area. I actually got my oil based sharpie markers at Hobby Lobby. I love them for a lot of things. I made some Grinch glasses over the holidays that turned out really cute!

Toni |Small Home Soul

Thursday 12th of April 2018

Michelle, these are serially so cute! I love that you can make the design right in the glass and design your own too!


Friday 13th of April 2018

Thank you Toni! They work well too. I may have to make some for this year with a different design.

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