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This bottle opener tutorial is really easy and will only take a day to complete!

How To Make An Easy DIY Bottle Opener

Hi!  I am back with another Silhouette Challenge today.  I missed last months but in March I added some pizzaz to the top of this little table with an Irish Blessing design.  The project for …
Bottle Opener - - Create a hanging, over the counter, bottle opener. This one is for my friend to go into their camper!

Create A Hanging Bottle Opener

Today’s post was a really fun project and, although a little bit “rustic” it serves it’s purpose and still manages to look adorable.  That is the goal when you create a hanging bottle I …
Creating a Colorful Fence - The Beginner's Guide -

Creating a Colorful Fence

Hi!  You guys know I love flowers but am not much of a gardener.  My yard is starting to look pretty good.  Every year I add some flowers to the buckets I have hanging on …
Wooden Garden Gate Sign - - I created this wooden sign using scrap wood, my Silhouette machine and some paint! It adds a bit of "me" to my outdoor space.

Wooden Garden Gate Sign

I created this pretty outdoor space but I knew I wanted something humorous in the space because that is just me!  So I created this wooden garden gate sign.  What do you think?     Wooden …
Creating Pretty Outdoor Spaces - - I love to see flowers and pretty outdoor spaces when I look around my house. This is how I create them!

Creating Pretty Outdoor Spaces

Hi!  If you know me at all I am not an “outdoorsy” person but I do like creating pretty outdoor spaces to enjoy while being outdoors or to see when I arrive home after work. …
Sisal Covered Pot Outdoor Lighting - - Create this awesome sisal covered pot with a special dragonfly solar light just in time to sit out and enjoy it

Sisal Covered Pot Outdoor Lighting

Hi friends!  I am excited about yet another class to offer.  This project celebrates spring and getting outdoors when the weather finally warms up.  I hope you like the sisal covered pot outdoor lighting class! …
These shampoo bottles from Trader Joes are the perfect plastic bottle upcycle. I painted them and created some awesome vases with a farmhouse style. -

Shampoo Bottle Recycle – Home Decor

I love the shape of these bottles from Trader Joe’s.  They usually house my Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner but today I have created something pretty from them.  What do you think of my …
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