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Valentine Printables

Today I am sharing some Valentine printables I created just for you guys!  I love a good freebie.  If you missed my other freebies you can find the New Year Kit here and the Months of the Year Arrows here.


Valentine Printables Freebie -


Valentine Printables

So, if you know me you know I love wine every once in a while.  I even have the fun wine area in my kitchen.  You can see it here.  I do love it.  Anyway, the first Valentine printable I have for you is a card and a mini wine bottle tag.  You know for those cute, tiny bottles of wine.  They are fun to give as gifts.  

So I thought it would be fun to make a wine bottle tag just for the small bottles and a card to match.

Valentine Printables Freebie -


After it is printed you can cut the card even with the design on both sides unless you print borderless and cut the tag just inside the black box around it to eliminate the outline.

Download Card and Mini Wine Bottle Tag page here


If you are not a wine lover or drinker you can use the next Valentine printable.  Again it is a card and a smaller gift tag to use on any gift you give to your Valentine.

Page for print - You are my world copy


Tell your Valentine just how much he/she means to you with this card and tag.  I think they turned out really fun.

Just as above you will cut the card straight down the middle of the page along the line of the design then trim the other side just a tad unless you print borderless.  Also, cut out the tag just inside the outline.

Download Card and Gift Tag page here


I hope you like them.  If you stop back on Wednesday I will have some examples of different things to make with these Valentine printables besides cards and tags.  I hope you will join me for that.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!



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