Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting

I wanted some outdoor lighting that did not need electricity.  Jeff and I were at the Dollar Tree looking around one day and I saw these little solar table lamps that stood about 7 or 8″ tall.  They were really cute and the they were next to some wire hanging planters.  This idea popped into my head that I could create some fun dollar store outdoor lighting from these two things.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -


Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting

So I put together a tutorial for you so if you find the same types of items you can make your own.

First of all supplies.  You will need

A bracket,

a hanging basket,

a solar table lamp,


double sided  tape

wire cutters,

scissors and

some pliers to manipulate the wire.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Remove the base from the lamp shade and take the solar unit out of the shade and remove the chain from the planter.  Place it aside for later.

I had Jeff drill three small holes in the shade for me.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Then cut three pieces of wire all about 2.5 inches long.  The wire I used is pretty thin and flexible.  It doesn’t have to be hard to work with.  It just needs to hold the shade in place.

Place one end of the wire through the hole in shade and wrap the other side around the hole in what is usually the bottom of the planter but for this project we are turning it upside down.  Continue this with all three holes and wire pieces.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

You can tell if the shade is crooked and if this happens just tighten the wire on the lower section of the shade until it straightens out.  Fold the wire down so it is not sticking up in the air and trim with wire cutters so the ends are not so long.

Next we will be working with the little solar light itself.  I place some double sided tape in two spots on the lights.  My intention was to have the tape adhere to the inside of the shade to keep it from falling out.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -


After you have the double sided tape on the sides, place them up into the shade.  I had to press pretty hard to get them all of the way.  I wanted there to be no room for it to decide to come falling out of the shade.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

The last step is to make the chain shorter and add it to what is now the top of the fixture.  I counted 7 chain links from the top hook then removed the eighth on.  Do this on all three chains.  Be sure to keep the clip at the end of the chain.  When you have them all shortened place the clips on the same three wires they were on before.  You can tell which ones they are by the curly at the bottom where the clip used to be.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Ta Da!! You are all done with your dollar store outdoor lighting fixture.  Now just make as many more as you would like in your space.  I made five of them.

Use the bracket to hang them from a fence post like me.  I also hung one from the tree using a small hook.  Another idea instead of a bracket would be a shepherd’s hook for hanging plants.  They would look cute hanging there too.  And if you like some color go ahead and spray paint the planter before starting the tutorial.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -


I found out that taking pics just when it is getting dark is a lot harder than it looks but I wanted to show a couple of them lit up.  They don’t put out very much light but they do add a little bit of ambiance to the space.  I think if I wanted more light I would be a more upgraded solar light and use that instead of the dollar store table lamps.

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

Dollar Store Outdoor Lighting -

What do you think?  Do you have outdoor lighting and if so, what kind do you have?  I would love to know.  Stay tuned for more projects to spruce up my back yard space.  I can’t wait!

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